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Windows Slowness Because Of Low Hard Disk Space

People complaining about slowness of Windows is kinda normal thing now, but what we all don’t understand is the reason behind it. Most of the time in such situation, we blame viruses for it, but it’s not always because of them Windows perform slo...
by OMG EUREKA on Dec 9, 2014

Remove All The Junk Files In One Click

Doesn’t matter how good you are in computers and how much things you can perform on it without the need of help from anyone, but there is always a time when you are stuck with the slowness of PC, hanging issues, cannot browse the Internet properly...
by OMG EUREKA on Nov 27, 2014

Easily Search And Find Lost Windows, Ms-Office And Other Software Serial Keys

We being human are bad in keeping the important information safe for longer period (atleast I am :p). I often get asked from people that they want to re-install Windows on their PC, but they don’t have the serial key or they have lost it or the sti...
by OMG EUREKA on Nov 20, 2014

CBT Nuggets – Migrating WinXP To Windows7 Or Windows8 An Accelerated Guide

Depending on when you read this, Windows XP is either approaching or has reached its end-of-life. It s now your job to remove Windows XP from your network With the right tools and experience, that migration task needn t be difficult. Free tools such...
by Tutorials For Download on May 3, 2014

Good Bye, OS Windows XP Segera Berakhir

Dukungan terhadap system operasi Windows XP segera berakhir pada 8 April 2014 mendatang. Microsoft telah mengumumkan tidak lagi memberi dukungan baik dalam bentuk pacth maupun servis pack untuk OS Windows XP setelah tanggal tersebut. Itu berarti syst...
by Jaringan Lokal on Mar 25, 2014

Open Favorite Websites From Keyboard Shortcuts

You can always open your favorite websites from the browser bookmarks, from the history or by simply typing the URL in the address bar, but I thought to make this process more interesting by assigning a Keyboard Shortcut to it.  The process is almos...
by OMG EUREKA on Jun 20, 2013

What Is Task Manager, Application, Services, Processes And How To Kill Unresponsive Task

Whenever our beloved PC freezes, hangs or become unresponsive, the first thing which all of us do is press CTRL+ALT+DELETE and selects a Task Manager option from the screen. I never met a guy who doesn't know about the Task Manager option in Wind...
by OMG EUREKA on May 6, 2013

Improve Windows Performance By Disabling Windows Services Which Are Not Required

In previous article we discussed what Windows Services are and how they get installed in our PC. In this article I will first explain how you can safely change the status of any service and its Startup behavior. After that I have listed down the na...
by OMG EUREKA on Apr 22, 2013

Speed Up Windows Startup Time By Removing Unwanted Softwares

We all get exhausted or frustrated when our beloved PC takes all the time in the world to load Windows. Most of us gets more irritated when we see tons of software popping up at the Desktop immediately after starting Windows. There are two things...
by OMG EUREKA on Apr 9, 2013

WINXP - Updates Coming to an End

"When will Microsoft pull the plug on your version of Windows or Office?" by Ed Bott, ZDNet 4/4/2013 Excerpt Summary:  The countdown for Windows XP is about to get serious.  In one year, Microsoft officially stops supporting XP.  Wh...
by Mage Pages on Apr 5, 2013

Change Background Picture At Windows Log In Screen

We discussed what are Windows Themes Pack and how to install them. Before going into the advance windows customization, lets begin with the most basic and easy customization, which is change of Windows Startup Screen or Login Screen. With the help...
by OMG EUREKA on Mar 21, 2013

Remove Unwanted Entries From Right Click Menu

If your Right Click Menu is too long and filled with useless applications, than right clicking on any file or folder can take some time and will not be a quick process. As you can see below, My Right Click Menu takes almost full screen and that reall...
by OMG EUREKA on Mar 6, 2013

How To Check When Windows Was Installed On Computer

Because of any reason if you want to know exactly when you installed Windows on your computer, than their is a way to find it. Though their is no direct method or tool to know the date, that's why you have to use command prompt to find the answer.
by OMG EUREKA on Mar 1, 2013

تحميل برنامج Advanced Registry Clear لتنظيف الجهاز والريجستر ولاصلاح اخطاء النظام 2013

برنامج Advanced Registry Clear , تحميل برنامج Advanced Registry Clear تحميل برنامج لتنظيف الريجستر , تحميل برنامج لاصلاح اخطاء النظام , تحميل برنامج تسريع اداء...
by badrgate on Feb 16, 2013

What Is Send To Option In Windows And How To Add Your Favorite Folder In It

Every computer user has one specific place or folder in windows where he / she likes to dump all of his / her files and folders. It can be My Documents folder, C drive, D drive, Desktop or anywhere in Windows. In order to put your files and folder at...
by OMG EUREKA on Feb 14, 2013

Quickly Lock Your Windows - Keyboard Shortcut

There are many ways to quickly lock your Windows and the soul purpose of doing that is to protect your computer from anyone's access. At offices you should lock your Windows so that when you are not at your seat, no one else can take a look at what...
by OMG EUREKA on Feb 12, 2013

View Hidden File Extensions In Windows

Every file in Windows does have an extension. According to Wikipedia : A filename extension is a suffix (separated from the base filename by a dot) to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding (file format) of its contents or...
by OMG EUREKA on Jan 28, 2013

Keyboard Shortcut To Quickly Minimize All Open Windows

   I'm kinda computer user who works on many applications simultaneously. Most of the time i'm working on two different browsers with multiple tabs, Ms-Outlook, documents, spreadsheets, messengers and some other network applications.
by OMG EUREKA on Dec 30, 2012

Keyboard Shortcut To Open Any Software

We all use different kind of softwares in our computers. Among all of them, there are few which we uses a lot. Though it doesn’t take much time to open any software from the start menu or to click it’s icon on the desktop, but there is alwa...
by OMG EUREKA on Dec 20, 2012

What Is File Indexing / Windows Search Service

  File indexing is a windows service, which runs in the background and is use to speed up the searching of files/folders process. This service is enabled by default at the time you install Operating System.  Well this service does saves...
by OMG EUREKA on Dec 16, 2012

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