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New Crowned Mrs Pakistan World 2014 Mariam Mohammad Talks with Lollywoodcafe Pakistan

A professional, wife and mother, Mariam Mohammad is all in all a complete package that fulfills the checklist to represent the country of Pakistan. Mohammad enjoys shopping, hosting, traveling, fitness and Yoga well which keeps her fit.  After rece...
by Lollywood News and Updates on Feb 16, 2014

5 Most Dangerous Place for Women on Earth

India and Somalia ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, in the global perceptions, the Foundation's legal news service.TrustLaw asked 213 gender experts from five continents to rank countries by overall perceptions of danger as well as by six risks:...
by Speedy's Media on Jun 16, 2011

Christians Cleansing Continue in Pakistan: The Christian community in Pakistan faces danger every day

Minorities in Pakistan are living in fear, they are nervous and still shivering But Guess What ! No One Care and No One Bothered Latest’s terrorism attacks on tiny minority of Pakistan “Christians” just shows that how much Pakistan has been tak...

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