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Why You Should Have A Word Of The Year

Cosmic Faery's Journal WorkbookA new year has begun, and resolutions are made and discarded within a matter of weeks.This is a shame, because so many resolutions are worthwhile, and if they can be kept, will have tremendous benefits, such as boosting...
by Cosmic Faery's Journal on Jan 4, 2016

New Year’s Resolution Alternative: Choosing a Word or Phrase for the Year

New Year’s Resolutions are great. They can be valuable to us if they’re SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely). But since I love making mini goals all throughout the year, creating resolutions every January just d...


My first post for 2014!!! I trust you all enjoyed a lovely New Year's Eve?We did! My parents came over to celebrate. Early in the evening, we watched 'The Call' starring Halle Berry. A movie to keep you on the edge of your seat,&n...
by Serena P. Lewis on Jan 6, 2014

My workspace and my word for 2012

Prior to new year I bought a trestle table to use in the studio so this prompted some reorganisation.I packed away all my acrylic paints which I had on those shelves now holding my sketchbooks. I figured that I haven't used my acrylics all that much...
by Serena P. Lewis on Jan 4, 2012

my word for 2011

i hadn't given much thought to my word for 2011 until around two weeks ago when the word 'SELF' kept popping into my head over and over suddenly hit me...of course! i've been feeling disconnected from my higher self for some time now, my d...
by Serena P. Lewis on Jan 2, 2011

Mission Monday note to self...and my word for 2010

I'm so behind on my Mission Mondays but thank the stars Brandi puts no pressure on us. A couple of weeks ago, Brandi posted this mission for us to take on if we chose to and, immediately, I knew it was for me. A simple but effective mission which was...
by Serena P. Lewis on Jan 27, 2010

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