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Work Overseas, tips and solution

World in crisis? Can our government and our senator or parliament member and politicians save us? Are you happy with your current position in your office?There are a lot of job opportunities outside your country. If you’re recent job is not so...
by Job and Career Vision on Nov 1, 2015

New Job vacancies in Sydney Australia

Great news for job seekers. There are two jobs available in Sydney, Australia. Grab this fantastic job opportunities to change your career. Enjoy a new life in Sydney. Hays, a companey based in Sydney needs an Associate Director & Foreign Exchang...
by Job and Career Vision on Mar 1, 2015

Part time jobs in United Kingdom for international student

Studying at a university or college and while working abroad is a dream for many students, so getting job experience and extra money to support life abroad. As in Australia, Japan or the United States, then became a student in United Kingdom will als...
by Job and Career Vision on Feb 26, 2014

Work in Singapore

Singapore is a small country in South East Asia. This country located near Indonesia and Malaysia. Do you want to work in Singapore? You can get a job in Singapore with some specific requirements as well as in other countries. The country is actively...
by Job and Career Vision on Jan 22, 2014

Jobs Available in the Field of Information Technology

Do you have the skills, diploma or certificate in Information Technology? Apparently many Foreign Companies and large-scale local companies in the field of human resources require Information Technology (IT) Professionals. Do you have one of the foll...
by Job and Career Vision on Nov 17, 2012

Tips on Working Abroad

Many people have a dream to work and develop a career abroad. Certainly a career in the international world needs good foreign language skills. Not to mention your efforts to adapt to the local culture, which may be very different from the culture in...
by Job and Career Vision on Aug 21, 2012

Tips working overseas

Opportunities to work abroad are actually very open in Asia and the Middle East countries. Work in this area not only in the informal sector. Opportunities to work in the formal sector is also quite large. Therefore, several countries...
by Job and Career Vision on Apr 29, 2012

Inspirational South Korea EPS Overseas Filipino Worker OFW Documentary Videos

Ever wonder what it feels like working as an EPS (Employment Permit System) factory worker here in Korea? Well, wonder no more as I share to you all two touching and inspirational YouTube videos made by Mr. Robert N. Nacion., an overseas EPS foreign...
by Pinay in Korea on Mar 8, 2012

New Touristic Attraction was found by White Collar Vagabond: Handmade Scarves: Mayan Village of San Antonio

Learn How to Work Overseas and Experience the Mayan Village of San Antonio Mayan Village, Belize – February 28, 2012 – By following the White Collar Vagabond, it’s possible to learn how to live abroad successfully and learn how to b...
by Automobile Wave on Feb 29, 2012

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