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World Biggest Statues

World Biggest Statues Photos,World Biggest Statues Pics, World Biggest Statues Pictures, World Biggest Statues Images, World Biggest Statues Gallery. Top Biggest Statues in the World Photos.
by Funny Cool Photos on Oct 16, 2014

C-Lium, QC Target Biggest Zumba Party

A new Guinness World Records™ Title for the Philippines may be just a few grooves away. In preparation for its upcoming 75th Diamond Jubilee anniversary, the local government of Quezon City, in cooperation with C-Lium Fibre, is dancing its way...
by enjoying wonderful world on Oct 10, 2014

World Record Broken! Filipino Students, Others Plant 3.2 million Trees In 1 Hour

A new world record has been set in the Philippines after a team of students and other volunteers planted a whooping 3.2 million trees within an hour. Officials say this feat trumps the current figure... Read More...

Most Expensive and Coolest Private Jets

Here are Most Expensive and Coolest Private Jets Photos for U. Traveling in this Jets is really a memorable experience. Once you look inside and mind blowing facilities in these Jets.
by Funny Cool Photos on Sep 21, 2014


Sad news has reached the Guinness World Records offices, with confirmation that Zeus, the record holder for the world’s tallest dog, had passed away at the age of 5. Measuring an incredible... Read More...

Most Costly Planes Live Panoramic Views

Most Costly and Latest technology Planes Live Panoramic Views. Live experience travelling in this Planes are really amazing and memorable. Below photos are live proof for that. This Planes Panoramic Views shows us complete look of this Planes.
by Funny Cool Photos on Aug 22, 2014

Top Ten Richest Authors In The World Today

Ever wondered which of your favorite authors have made the most money from their book? Here’s a list of the richest writers on the planet! 10 Stephenie Meyer After her best selling twilight book series went to film, Stephenie has now a net valu...
by Daily News Dig on Aug 19, 2014

Pankaj Parakh Tops Datta Phuge

Remember Datta Phuge from last year? Link Now here is a gentleman who has managed to top him: Pankaj Parakh, a school dropout,made his fortune from his garment fabrication business ,is a corporator and no stranger to opulence. Whenever he ventures on...
by Wealthymatters on Aug 18, 2014

Most Expensive Car In The World Ferrari Sells For $35 Million

Want to know what is the most expensive car in the world? It’s this apple green Ferrari 250 GTO made in 1963 for infamous race driver Stirling Moss! This amazing and beautiful car was made way back in 1962 for Stirling Moss when he was at the t...
by Daily News Dig on Aug 18, 2014

Top 10 Highest Mountains In The World To Climb

Some say the world is a small place but no doubt it’s because the have not tried to scale these ten highest mountains in the world! Most of us have seen high mountains in our lives and it is always truly awesome to be close to these giants of t...
by Daily News Dig on Aug 15, 2014

Big League Chew the Official Gum of Ripken Baseball

Ford Gum was kind enough to send over some Big League Chew for us to enjoy and practice our bubble blowing but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. If you’re like me you grew up chewing Big League Chew, The Ballplayers Bubblegum and stuff...
by My Sweet Sanity on Jul 27, 2014

24 Foot Wingspan Of The World’s Biggest Bird Ever That Flew

This gigantic sea bird called the Pelagornis sandersi had a wing span of 24 feet making it easily the biggest bird that ever flew in the skies of our planet. Bigger than a light aircraft In todays world we look up to the skies and frequently see ligh...
by Daily News Dig on Jul 14, 2014

Fastest Talking Woman Can Say 11 Words Per Second

Meet the fastest talking woman who can blurt out over 600 words a minute. She talks so fast it’s almost impossible to keep up with her sentences. Fran Capo currently holds the Guinness World record title as the fastest talking woman in the worl...
by Daily News Dig on Jul 9, 2014

Which Are The Biggest Outdoor Statues In The World?

Spring Temple Buddha If you like to visit extreme man made structures from around the globe then check out these top 5 biggest outdoor statues in the world! 1. Spring Temple Buddha Standing a total of 502 feet tall the Spring Temple depicting the Vai...
by Daily News Dig on Jun 4, 2014

The World Festival of Youth and Students Photo Gallery

Here is a famous Festival called "The World Festival of Youth 1957" Photo Gallery. The World Festival of Youth 1957 Event Photos and Stills Collection.
by Funny Cool Photos on May 27, 2014

Fun Facts About Pac-Man

Pac-Man is one of the most popular gaming icons of the twenty-first century and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. The icon features on many objects such as belts, mugs, […]...
by TheFactSite on May 7, 2014

Most Expensive Coffee Machine in World

Most Expensive Unseen Coffee Machine in World. World's most costly Coffee Machine in the World.
by Funny Cool Photos on May 1, 2014

World Top 5 Best Trucks

World famous Top 5 Best Trucks Photo Gallery. Top 5 Famous and the Best Trucks Photos.
by Funny Cool Photos on Apr 29, 2014

Most Dangerous Guns in the World Photo Gallery

World Top Five and Most Dangerous Guns Photo Gallery. Most Dangerous and Unseen Guns in the World Photos and Pics.
by Funny Cool Photos on Apr 24, 2014

Top Five Dangerous Famous Swords in this world

Top Five Dangerous Famous Swords in this world Photo Gallery. World Top Five  Famous Swords Photos and Pics.
by Funny Cool Photos on Apr 24, 2014

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