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NYSE Top Performing Pharma Stocks: (WCG, WPI, CI, FRX, AGN)

More »WellCare Health Plans, Inc. (NYSE:WCG) went up by 4.07% and closed at $32.73 whereas overall traded volume stood at 1.22 million shares for the day as compare to its average volume stood at 439.49k shares. The share price is likely to...
by Penny Stock DD on Jan 19, 2011

Food inflation : RBI may hike rates in January

With a strong likelihood of food inflation firming up further from double digits, the Reserve Bank may raise key policy rates to tame rising prices at its policy review on January 25. The RBI had left key short-term interest rates unchanged at its mi...
by forevernokia on Dec 26, 2010

November inflation seen up 15.48pc

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan''s consumer price index (CPI), a key indicator of inflation, rose 15.48 percent in November from a year ago, the Federal Bureau of Statistics said on Thursday. The CPI was up 1.52 percent over October. Pakistan''s wholesale price...
by CNews on Dec 9, 2010

DG The Best Programas 1CD – WPI 2010 [1 Link] [MU]

Dirección General de los mejores programas en 1 CD – IPM | 700 Mb Formato: ISOAuto de instalación de cualquier programa que usted elija a través de WPI. Información de la lista de todos los programas: Multimedia, Internet, Herramientas Des...
by Full Soft Gamer on Oct 31, 2010

Installing Wordpress on windows server

When blogger stopped FTP support I thought it wouldn’t be too much of an issue since I could transfer to Wordpress and just import my RSS feed. My hosting company, fasthosts, said they supported Wordpress on their Windows servers and all I had...
by Link Juice Blog on Apr 27, 2010

BEST.WPI Release 9.09

BEST.WPI Release 9.09 | 3.22 GB The program is designed for installation of automatic selection and automatic installation of programs after you install Windows, having the flexibility to modify the required set for a specific computer.
by Reko Blogging on Oct 1, 2009

What is Inflation?

Introduction In this article I will be writing about the Inflation and how it will affect the prices. Many people have the wrong conception about the inflation and prices relationship. This article will point out what is inflation and what is the rel...
by Plan Your Investment on Sep 5, 2009

Inflation declined to 3.36%

Inflation: Inflation for week ended February 14, 2009 declined at 3.36% as compared to 3.92% the week earlier. The inflation numbers are in line with the street expectations.   Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for all commodities declined by 0.1% to 227...
by on Feb 26, 2009

Inflation declined to 3.92%

Inflation for the week ended February 7, 2009 drop down to 3.92% as compared to 4.39% a week earlier. Last year Inflation hit double digits and from August 2008 onwards Inflation is steadily declining.   The WPI (Wholesale Price Index) numbers for c...
by on Feb 19, 2009

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