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Disney In Depth: ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2’ To Nail It!

Stop the digital presses! A Wreck-It Ralph sequel has been officially announced, although ever since John C. Reilly hinted at a sequel in development, everyone has just been waiting for word from the Mouse House itself. Now it is actually happening.
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 8, 2016

The Invisible Savior

With outstretched hand He came for me. Like a thief in the night to set me free. This time no thief did prey, He had come to save the day. In unbelief, my hand reached out, trying to see what … Continue reading →...
by Putting My Feet in the Dirt on Jul 5, 2016

Disney confirma que harán Ralph el Demoledor 2

Hay dos noticias respecto a la segunda parte de Ralph el Demoledor 2, una buena y otra un poco mala, la buena es como el titulo dice, que Disney ya confirmo que esta en desarrollo la película, la mala es...Leer Más...
by Sitios Total on Jul 1, 2016

Wreck It Ralph 2 Sets Release Date

A sequel to Disney’s smash hit Wreck-It Ralph is finally moving forward with news that the follow-up will be released on March 9, 2018. Rich Moore (Zootopia) is returning to direct the second instalment and has revealed that this time around Ralph...
by Box Office Buz on Jul 1, 2016

Disney officially announces Wreck-It Ralph 2 for 2018

Last July, it was reported that a sequel to 2012’s Wreck-It Ralph is in development, and now Disney has officially confirmed that voice actors John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman will be returning alongside director Rich Moore for Wreck-It Ralph...
by Flickering Myth Movie Blog on Jun 30, 2016

'Wreck-it Ralph 2' is officially happening!

Disney confirmed that a follow-up to the hit 'Wreck-It Ralph' is underway with a release date of March 9, 2018.The announcement was made through their official Twitter account @Disney."I'm gonna wreck it!" Again! @DisneyAnimation confirms Wreck-...
by The Film Geek Guy on Jun 30, 2016

Disney officially announces Wreck-It Ralph 2!

It has been rumored for some time but this morning Disney Animation officially announced the production of Wreck-It Ralph 2. There is no information in the film yet but we do know that John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman has returned as Ralph and...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jun 30, 2016

Honest Trailers - Wreck-It Ralph!

Screen Junkies too a crack at an Honest Trailer for Wreck-It Ralph and nailed it. It is a wonderful Disney film but this Honest Trailer takes a look at some of the bigger existential questions that the film raises while at the same time delivering so...
by Realm Beyond Sight on May 17, 2016

A Fat Wreck Kills at DIFF [MOVIE REVIEW]

A Fat Wreck Review We’re all busy in our fight against the establishment, so if you don’t want to take the time to read my well thought out review of a documentary about one of the most influential punk rock labels out there, go oi yourself. The...
by Sofakingnews on Apr 16, 2016

How NOT to make a mermaid birthday cake

Sometimes my cakes go wrong and when I say wrong I mean REALLY wrong. I didn’t realise quite how wrong this cake went until I had finished it.  Tim -my harshest critic, walked into the kitchen and I asked “What do you think?” his...
by Cakes Bakes And Cookies on Apr 4, 2016

Galaxy Life: Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck (Acoustic)

Galaxy Life: Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck (Acoustic)       The post Galaxy Life: Florence + The Machine – Ship To Wreck (Acoustic) appeared first on Smartrena.
by Smartrena on Mar 31, 2016

Car Wreck Trail

Friday, March 18, I headed out to Wood Canyon after work around 1PM. With my normal quick out-and-back in mind, I headed up Cholla, and ran along West Ridge to Top of the World. But I had a lot on my mind and didn’t want to return home so quickly.
by Tales from the Trail on Mar 21, 2016

Coron -Island Hopping- Expedition B mit Baracuda Lake

Die gesamte Tour spielt sich in der näheren Umgebung von „Coron Island“ ab, sodass die Fahrwege zwischen den einzelnen Stationen manchmal nur Minuten betragen. Start ist 08.00 Uhr, wir müssen aber leider noch bis 09.20 Uhr auf dem Boot...
by Auszeitnomaden on Mar 21, 2016

Featured Photographer: Don Sutherland

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Featured Photographer monthly post. Please meet Don Sutherland, a U.S. American retiree. He is 89 years old in October 10th and perhaps the eldest underwater […]...
by indahs travel photography on Oct 31, 2015

Panic Attack and Pufferfish

I have been scuba diving for five years in many dive sites and some of them even considered as difficult ones because of strong current or having numerous sharks and […]...
by indahs travel photography on Aug 11, 2015

New Music: James Fauntleroy – Black Sea Ship Wreck / All We Do

James Fauntleroy keeps the new music coming. He decides to give fans 2 new records titled “Black Sea Ship Wreck” and “All We Do”. Hit page 2 for the audio. The post New Music: James Fauntleroy – Black Sea Ship Wreck / All We...
by New Hip Hop Music on Aug 11, 2015

Video game movie supercut "Ready Player One" takes an action packed look at game adaptations on the big screen.

Video games films have been extremely hit or miss throughout film history. Cineplex has created a supercut that they have titled "Ready Player One" that take a look at various video game inspired films. They did a fantastic job with editing the foota...
by Realm Beyond Sight on Jul 27, 2015

The Best Wreck Dive in Okanagan Lake

The original can be found here: The Best Wreck Dive in Okanagan Lake. Please read the original. Okanagan Lake is famous for water sports, like water skiing, but treasures also lie below the surface as I discovered on a wreck dive of a rail car barge!

Rumor: John C. Reilly Signed On For ‘Wreck-It Ralph 2′

Wreck-It Ralph was released way back in 2012, and was a commercial success and also earned itself an Academy Award nomination, losing out to its sister studio Pixar. Though not as popular as Frozen, the video game-centric film has grown a fanbase who...
by Geeks of Doom on Jul 14, 2015

Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph (2012) (101 mins) Director – Rich Moore Starring – John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer Premise – A villain from a video game accidentally brings chaos to his arcade society after wanting to achieve his dream of being a...
by Sherlocking: The Big Screen on May 29, 2015

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