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Final thoughts. Great Ocean Walk, Victoria. March 2014.

Sturm und Drang So, here I am. The final wrap-up of the Great Ocean Walk, which I completed for the third time this year. I've already written an overview from my last trip back in 2010, so why am I doing it again? Well, I thought it might make sen...
by Hiking Fiasco on Jun 6, 2014

Ryans Den to Devils Kitchen, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria. March 2014.

Wreck Beach in the late afternoon. I'm on the home stretch now. Another post after this, a final wash-up and then the Great Ocean Walk is done and maybe, never to return. Multiple visits had dulled things a little, but this day was a little differe...
by Hiking Fiasco on May 17, 2014

A Seaside Wander

These are scenes that I will never get used to. Coming from a place where the ocean is often blue and the sand white, walking along beaches like this truly makes me realise how incredibly different our big world is. We took a rather large staircase t...
by Mocking Bird on Apr 19, 2011

Day Seven. Ryans Den to Devils Kitchen, Great Ocean Walk. 5th October 2010

Sunrise at Ryans Den... It was a good nights sleep.  Well, as good as can be whilst lying on the ground and wishing I had pillow. I got a bit sneaky and decided that if I used my pack as a pillow I might get some elevation on my head. I did thi...
by Hiking Fiasco on Dec 14, 2010

The world’s greatest nudist beaches

by Exciting Travels on Apr 26, 2010

Wreck Beach one of Top nude Beaches in the World

Last year, came out with their top 10 clothing optional resorts of the world. We were one of the resorts recommended. Pretty cool.This year, tripadvisor came put with the 5 best nude beaches of the world. Wreck Beach in Vancouver, Bri...

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