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Tips on how to write a good topic sentence (examples and exercises)

Hi everybody,after I published some grammar lessons last time,Now I move to the writing part,So let me show to you about what will be our lesson today.Tips and tricks to write a good topic sentence,I'm going to share with you what I learn from my pro...
by Learn English Quickly on May 20, 2013

You find it hard to write the essay? You need help!

For someone who never wrote essays, sometimes it still seem hesitant to produce a paper. Feelings of low self-esteem, fear of his ugly and so always haunt, which it would be inhibited in expressing ideas. So when want to write, you should first remov...
by Free Download Center on Jan 30, 2013

Friday Drabble: Procrastination

Procrastination by Blogdramedy The girl sat in front of her computer; her right index finger over the enter key. Inside her mind a voice started to mutter. She ignored it and watched as her finger inched its way closer to the keyboard. You don’t wa...
by Blogdramedy on Nov 25, 2011

The Message (Speak Your Mind)

Yes, bravado is sexy. Yes, strength is a turn on. BUT, a man who can honestly articulate the matters of his heart is a keeper. Talking about the “Game” is easy, but laying down how you feel and WHY you feel that way takes some effort. So...
by The Wandering Mind on Jun 19, 2011

When Life Becomes a Book

To write is a gift...
by struggling Parents on Aug 30, 2007

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