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Games with Gold Januar 2016 stehen fest

Games with Gold Januar 2016 stehen fest. Eine feste Tradition im Microsoft Lager; die Games with Gold. Nun wurden die gratis Titel für Januar 2016 bekanntgegeben. Es darf also wieder geprügelt und geschossen werden Um Euch nicht länger auf die Fol...

Gems of War ab sofort umsonst erhältlich

505 Games gab heute bekannt, dass Gems of War, das epische Kampfspiel, das sich um Dreifach-Übereinstimmungen dreht und von den Schöpfern des originalen Puzzle Quest stammt, jetzt als Download für PlayStation 4 und XBOX One erhältlich ist. In die...

Battleblock Theater Releases Today

To be honest, each time I saw any news on Battleblock Theater I had a deep terrible feeling that the game was going to end up as vaporware. Originally announced as Game #3 back in 2009, the game looked great and future iterations were a damn blast. E...
by Awesome Robo! on Apr 3, 2013

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World online multiplayer DLC out now (FINALLY)

Yes, God does exist. The long-awaited and oft-delayed “Online Multiplayer and Wallace pack” for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game has been released on PSN.Check out BeefJack to read more.[Note: Gamerai's currently writing for B...
by Gamerai on Mar 12, 2013

Earn 300 Microsoft Points via Xbox Live’s Triple Play promo

Microsoft is giving Xbox Live users 300 Microsoft Points, but you’ll have to earn them, of course. While I usually shy away from promotions — mainly because they ask too much from consumers — Xbox Live’s Triple Play offer seems easy enough an...
by Gamerai on Apr 2, 2012

Review: Fusion: Genesis

Fusion: Genesis is the first game developed by Starfire Studios, a new independent developer created by former members of Rare. It's an ambitious dual stick space shooter; it's slow, complex, and creates a wide open universe to explore. It’s...
by gamrFeed on Dec 29, 2011

Xbox avatar guns will be shot down on Jan. 1, 2012

At the start of next year, Xbox 360 users will no longer be able to purchase guns for their virtual Xbox avatars. Epic Games’ community manager “raczilla” revealed this over at Epic’s forums saying that a new policy will take place on Jan. 1,...
by Gamerai on Dec 26, 2011

New Xbox dashboard update is now available (for everyone); XBL is A-OK now

After a short delay yesterday and some Xbox Live connectivity issues (now apparently fixed), it seems the new, major Xbox 360 system update is now available for all Xbox Live users to download. The free update redesigns the dashboard interface while...
by Gamerai on Dec 7, 2011

NYCC '11: Don't let Rayman Origins' cartoony visuals fool you into thinking the game's easy

Because it's not. The game's actually deceptively hard.I found this out firsthand when I played the 2D platformer a few times at New York Comic-Con 2011.(This is apparently what happens when you open the chest. Sorry, I don't know what we're looking...
by Gamerai on Oct 30, 2011

Why MS Won't Publish XBL Games that Appeared on PSN First

Microsft has strict rules regarding games appearing on its Xbox LIVE platform. How strict? Games must ship on Xbox LIVE Arcade simultaneously with "competing" platforms or Microsft might refuse to allow them appearing at all on XBL. The Windows giant...
by gamrFeed on Aug 24, 2011

3 Juegos que queremos ver para Xbox 720

Hola Amigos quisiera compartir con ustedes los 3 juegos que queremos que este disponible para la consola de Xbox 720 , porque bueno todo mundo sabe que el Xbox 360 no va a estar para siempre y los desarrolladores y publicadores siempre encontraran ma...
by MiniGamesSpot on Jul 4, 2011

Trophies Killed My Gaming Experience

Leo Rubiano weaves a roller coaster story about his experiences with Sony's PlayStation Trophy system.
by The Nerdemic on Jun 23, 2011

New Video Explains Rockstar Pass

What to find out what you'll get with the Rockstar Pass deal?
by Hold.Start.Select on Jun 2, 2011

Red Faction: Armageddon Demo Out First Week Of May

THQ have announced today the free playable demo of Red Faction: Armageddon is scheduled to launch onto Xbox Live from May 4.
by Hold.Start.Select on Apr 28, 2011

Latest XBL Exploit Takes Aim at User’s Credit Cards

Microsoft has posted a Service Alert, warning Xbox Live users that they may be threatened by phishing attempts through a Modern Warfare 2 exploit. Hackers may not have access to your credit card information or XBL account, but some XBL users have cla...
by dralnuX on Apr 28, 2011

Shame On You Sony

If you’re a Playstation 3 owner you might have noticed that the Playstation Network has been offline for nearly a week.  Periodic downtimes are to be expected so no one was too upset when PSN went down at first.  But when a few hours of down...
by Nerds of the Round Table on Apr 26, 2011

Android Apps: Spark 360

Price: $1.50, Version: 3.04 (Market) Description: Xbox Live profile management made easy. With widgets, notifications, and more! • Track your Xbox Live profile • See your game history and achievements • Send and receive messages (Xbox Live Gold...
by dralnuX on Feb 9, 2011

Hybrid Announced by 5th Cell

Yes the countdown is complete, the game is revealed, and it seems promising!Taken directly from the website!If you haven't heard, 5th Cell posted a countdown on their website about a week ago, and the countdown completed today! And it revealed one he...
by VGNtertainment on Oct 29, 2010

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