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XWindows Dock 5.7 (Eng/Rus) + 140 Themes

XWindows Dock 5.7 (Eng/Rus) + 140 Themes | 104 MBXwindows Dock is a free application that adds an Apple Leopard OSX-style dock to the windows desktop. If you haven't used it, the Apple dock is the Mac version of the Windows taskbar. The dock is one o...
by ChronoHack on Oct 23, 2011

XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 order

  XWindows Dock 5.7 + 140 order- 100 MB    XWindows Dock - special "dashboard" (which is the Quick Launch toolbar) in the style of Doc Mac OS, at the bottom of ekrana.Ee main goal - to help navigate the most frequently used pro...

Linux GUI on Your Windows Desktop Through the Magic of Xming

I decided to write down a short introduction to Xming. For those not in the know Xming is an implementation of the X Window System for Microsoft Windows operating systems. This means that you can install this software on Windows, run a remote linux p...
by Andrius Miasnikovas's Blog on May 18, 2010

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