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Azalea Yamadori coming to life

Rather big Azalea that got reclassified as 'bonsai material' last year.  I'm enjoying this tree and learning the patterns of Azaleas - if it keeps doing as well as it currently is, it might even turn into something decent one day, with some mind...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Mar 19, 2011

A few things in the garden

Just a few pictures from the garden - all pre-bonsai material and 'experimental' stages for me.  I'm enjoying the learning process! A row of mostly trident maples in 2gal pots - these all have a future in a large forest I'm planning for them. &n...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Mar 19, 2011

Yamadori Success - Paperbark Birch

Yesterday I took a stroll along the 'Little River' (Aptly named - except when it rains) that runs behind my home with my friend Aaron.  We had in mind to walk along a trail that is maintained by the county beside the river because many trees are...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Mar 13, 2011

Good find - now what?

Found a species and a bush that I don't normally see here in the southeast, but I see and hear about all the time from West Coast bonsai'ers.   San Jose Juniper!   Take a look at what I started with and also where I am now - not sure where...
by Bodhisattva Bonsai on Oct 7, 2010

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