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Yamaha SZ16 Adventure Challenge EPISODE 3

Here comes episode 3 of the Yamaha Adventure Challenge where participants are given the option to select between HAT or TAT. Play the video now to see what Robby and Ryan will choose. Please support Robby & Ryan by casting your vote for...
by fashionmoto on Aug 19, 2013

Yamaha SZ16 Adventure Challenge EPISODE 2

Hello! Hope you guys have seen the 1st episode where me and my brother Ryan dominated the competition.. Although we had difficulty selling the Bamboo Chair but we have managed to make those biker beards to work as a selling point fo...
by fashionmoto on Aug 13, 2013

Yamaha SZ16 Adventure Challenge EPISODE 1

Hey there awesome people! 乂⍲‿⍲乂 We're so sorry for the long blog break. So much had been happening the last 2 weeks including sickness (mine is worse), several hospital visits, searching for a new apartment & moving in to ou...
by fashionmoto on Aug 6, 2013

Yamaha SZ-16 Adventure Challenge 2013 Video

Here's another video of the Adventure Challenge Robby and his brother has joined in last May. C'mon click the PLAY button & be entertained! ^◡^ Source: NewsMoto Magazine ~~~> wReY ✯◡✯...
by fashionmoto on Jul 15, 2013

Yamaha SZ-16 Adventure Challenge

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. held auditions nationwide looking for 20 individuals to participate in their SZ16 Challenge. Luckily, Robby and his brother Ryan was one of the qualified pairs. Yahoo!!! ^◡^ Photo by News Moto Magazine La...
by fashionmoto on May 26, 2013

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