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Woven Hand - Refractory Obdurate.

Thou shalt not make thee any graven image — but make an exception for David Eugene Edwards.refractory obdurate by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on May 3, 2014

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (Jaromil Jireš, 1970).

I know about Czechia a little — in fact so little that it won't be far from truth to say that I know nothing at all. Thus czech cinematography became a rather amazing discovery. Obvious Svankmajer, not so evident but irresistibly charming sillies,&...
by Aeolian Harp on Apr 29, 2014

Checking In

It's been two weeks since I've written anything that wasn't a tweet or a text or a super dumb Facebook status. I was gone for 10 days and then sort of stunned and exhausted for a week and now, today, I am out of excuses. This morning I woke up, reali...
by Kendragarden on Apr 14, 2014

The Peculiar Pretzelmen - Innumerable Seeds of Calamity.

Tom Waits of a dark cabaret persuasion.peculiar pretzelmen by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 30, 2014

Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Sly bastard.mbdtf by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 27, 2014

Sufjan Stevens - Seven Swans.

La modesto swans by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 26, 2014

The Art Tatum-Ben Webster Quartet - s/t.

The best thing about this album is not that it's an ideal soundtrack for one of these romantic evenings, with candles, plenty of tasty food and inevitable hanky or maybe even panky business in the end. The best thing about it that you don't need the...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 24, 2014

Mondkopf — Galaxy of Nowhere | Rising Doom.

The Owl knows which way dish flows.mondkopf by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 23, 2014

Letter From an Unknown Woman (Max Ophüls, 1948).

The mankind has definitely grown uglier over the last century. God bless art of cinema for letting us admire the Divas from the far past. Good gracious, Joan was so divinely beautiful I can cry.
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 21, 2014

a-ha - Hunting High and Low.

The pop of pops [gosh, this sounds gross]. a-ha by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 17, 2014

Chinawoman - Let's Part in Style.

We change, we stay the sameI've always been (and am, and will) in to the all kinds of the Change — unstoppable motion, self-growth, moving forward or any available direction, stuff like that. This applies to mostly everything: from a breakfast menu...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 9, 2014

Los Tiki Phantoms - Regresan de la tumba.

Though I'm totally through with the skull obsession I can not but find these fine bony fellows to my liking.regresan de la tumba by Mary on Grooveshark...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 8, 2014

Oh No - Dr. No's Oxperiment.

I'm not really into the instrumentals (and hh in general for that matter), coz often it's muteness policy's being sublimated by an enormours length which is frequently resulted in utter and prolong boredom. But this record — this record i...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 7, 2014

The Cog Is Dead - Steam Powered Stories.

John had seen a steampunk guitar online and fell in love with it, and decided he had to make one of his own. It was shortly thereafter that they decided to apply the steampunk element to the entire band.Well, who can blame them? Those babies are abso...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 3, 2014

The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (Sophie Fiennes, 2006).

One of the things about art in general which fascinates me constantly is that how one can perceive it. There's only one way to watch (and suchlike) — but the ways of seeing are plentiful, if not infinite. For me it's the most elegant illustrat...
by Aeolian Harp on Mar 2, 2014

The Shangri-Las - Leader of the Pack.

These girly groups are the true phenomen, and an amusing one. Once they were: sugar and spice and everything nice, singing and performing in their special and unmistakable manner — and then they were gone. I've never heard of suchlike collectives a...
by Aeolian Harp on Feb 25, 2014

Our House in Print {coming to the} New England Home Winter Issue!

I was in the middle of making my Mulligatawny Soup recipe when I got a tweet from New England Home Magazine. Turns out the lovely Stacy Kunstel of Stacy Style featured a few of my photos and some kind words about ABCDDesigns in a Thanksgiving Decorat...
by ABCD Design on Nov 27, 2013

Round Up: Jenny Lewis, Coyotes and Boba Fett

Round-up!  Round-up!  Round-up!  I just typed that blank faced and then after I wrote it, I sighed for a really long time.  Ha!  So, I'm not as excited as my exclamation points would have you believe but I am happy to be roun...
by Kendragarden on Oct 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday: All About Edi

Hey hey hey, it's Thursday!  It's also my pal Edi's Birthday so this Throwback Thursday entry is all about Edi. We always go out for dinner for Edi's Birthday and then we take a bunch of ridiculous photos.  I have at least 20 of these in va...
by Kendragarden on Sep 19, 2013

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