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Two In One Words

Dance And Drum.Dance and Drum = Down Syndrome.I wanted to put this here so I would remember it. I haven't had many two in ones lately. Had a small burst today with the word Watchout.Watch out Your SinsWar shout Your SinsWash out Your SinsThose are th...

A Yawn Worth Yelling - "Start Somewhere"

Initially what attracted me to the band A Yawn Worth Yelling was the interesting name, but once I listened to their song "Start Somewhere," I was more interested because of the good music. The San Jose indie-pop group has a cool sound similar hellogo...
by Oh So Fresh! on Aug 25, 2015

The Kids In The Restaurant, On The Plane, Store Get Antsy.

Ever been somewhere and the kids in the landscape of a restaurant, on vacation flying or shopping, at the playground get “animated”. Kids act like kids. Because well, they are for a short time. But all that changes with three meals a day,...
by MeInMaine Blog on Jul 23, 2015

Grass Roots Philanthropy.

I'm making a stand. I'm using the words "Phone Call On YouTube" and various differentiation's of these words. Essentially I want to see my phone call to a talkback radio station during prime time where I talk all about "WAR" I give blood lay my life...

Yelling at the Rain to Stop – Life Lesson #284

Have you ever found yourself in a situation that was beyond your control but yet you couldn’t help going on and on about it? Fussin’ and fightin’ for it to change and no matter what you did, it simply went on as though you didn’t matter? Yep.
by Informed Sharing on Jan 5, 2015

Yell Less by Saying “No” More

The temptation is there, folks. Oh, is it ever there!  School has been in session for a short bit, and there are so many new opportunities to say “yes.” And many parents, me included, are tempted to say “yes” to everything. “Yes” to bein...
by Empowering Parents on Oct 7, 2014

Moms and Teen Girls: Three Tips to Finding the Right Time to Talk

Your daughter comes home from school and you innocently ask, “How was your day?” Her response?  Blowing up at you!  Sound familiar?  There are a few things that moms of teenage daughters need to understand when talking to their girls.  Your d...
by Empowering Parents on Oct 3, 2014

Bits + Pieces

The Problem With The Child-Centered Home – WE ARE THAT FAMILY I’m not a stranger to a child-centered home. For years, we let our kids determine restaurants we ate at, we gave them ample choices, we backed down from consequences, we centere...
by One Passion One Devotion on Aug 14, 2014

Is that ME Yelling? by Rona Renner, RN Book Review (#Parenting)

My Thoughts Oh the yelling; I am guilty of the yelling! I never thought I would be the “type” to yell at my kids but then, none of us really go into parenting thinking we will be anything less than perfect! We never think we’re goin...
by The IE Mommy on Jun 28, 2014

Yelling at the Sky

By: Tony L. Jefferson, Jr.Sometimes at nightDeep into the nightI go outside and yell at the skyI raise my voice to its highest octaveThen I cry my deepest cryAll of my anger goes into that cryAll of my sadnessMy long lost tearsIn the nighttime hourWh...
by The Audacity of Thought on Jun 18, 2014

Book Review: "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids," by Dr. Laura Markham

Have you ever lost your temper with your children and started yelling at them? Chances are, you haven’t been satisfied with the result. As Dr. Laura Markham notes in her new book, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connectin...
by Susan Heim on Parenting on Apr 15, 2014

Bits + Pieces

  The Story Your Marriage is Telling – Start Marriage Right Your marriage will tell a story. This is not optional. The great thing about writing a story with your marriage is that you get to be around for the beginning. It wasn’t so with you...
by One Passion One Devotion on Jan 12, 2014

Day 1 Again and Again Until I Get it Right

Today's Mantra (Source FB)Another day 1 to come tomorrow. I didn't make it through the school prep this morning. We are all so ready for the Christmas break (yes, I get to say Christmas in regards to school here!). I've spent an hour reading The Oran...

I Stopped Yelling and Here is What I've Learned (So Far)

I managed a whopping 10 days without yelling at my children. During that time, I only snapped at my younger daughter once (a "nasty snap," starting me over on the Orange Rhino challenge) and yelled at my husband twice (starting me over again). Then,...

No More Yelling!

I am proud of myself today. I haven't yelled at my kids since Thursday. This may surprise some of you, but I am a recovering shouter. It's true. Until Thursday, I yelled at my kids frequently, and especially in the morning during the get-ready-for-sc...

Effective and Kind Discipline

It’s hard to know what's correct as we want to find effective and kind discipline for children. There are the normal time outs, raised voices [...]...
by How To Learn on Oct 9, 2013

Yelling for help

by Funny Pictures on Jul 14, 2013

Putting out fires: Managers who “want it now” or “want it yesterday” are managing from a deficit

Does your manager create fires on your team? Here are some sources of “fires” and how managers can better handle them.
by Manager by Design on Jun 3, 2013


Amendments are not absolutes. They can have restrictions. You can’t yell fire in crowded theaters or libel someone (1st). This gem is parroted whenever some statist Leftist (but I repeat myself) wants to end a right of the people that might sta...
by Freedom Bunker on Apr 22, 2013

Humans Yelling Like Goats Yelling Like Humans

Wait a second... Inspired by the compilations of goats yelling like humans, the guys from OldePayphone do the humans yelling like goats yelling like humans.
by Namaste! on Mar 7, 2013

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