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Finally, for the Three!

I was so happy when I saw that I reached my 400th post already, but as I open the dashboard of blogger, it raped the enthusiast I have for 5 percent of them are on draft. Hihi. Anyways, I have this post specially for my sister, and also, for an updat...
by Myxilog on Apr 8, 2016

Burgos Eats: Redefining the metro’s dining culture through shared spaces

Burgos Eats Redefining the metro’s dining culture through shared spaces Burgos Eats allows MGI (Max’s Group Inc)—the largest casual dining operator in the country—to go beyond their individual stores and create a venue where a community o...
by Tech-Savvy Mermaid on Dec 10, 2015

Taxi Champlain - Peugeot 505

Photo: The Montreal Gazette Sur la rue Prince-Arthur au coin de la rue Hutchison le 28 mars 1985.Vers le milieu des années 70, suite à la première crise pétrolière, plusieurs chauffeurs de taxis nord-américains ont adopté la Peugeot 504.
by Montréal Taxi Blog on Jul 25, 2015

Pizza Party at Yellow Cab Visayas Ave

Last May, I attended a super fun pizza party with close blog friends and readers at Yellow Cab, Visayas Avenue. It was such an awesome afternoon filled with laughter, smiles, stories, friends and of course, delicious food!!! Yellow Cab has always bee...
by Drowning Equilibriums on Jul 6, 2015

Emile Edgar Lanthier - Président de Taxi Diamond 1961-1964

Photo: Dawson, maire de Ville Mont-Royal, entouré de 4 conseillers en 1962. Emile Edgar Lanthier est le deuxième à partir de la droite.On trouve la trace de Emile Edgar Lanthier dans les journaux du...
by Montréal Taxi Blog on Mar 27, 2015

Yellow Cab au Salon de l'Auto en 1919

The Gazette - 8 avril 1919L'usage de taximètres se généralise. L'une des plus grosses compagnies à Montréal promet d'en installer dans toutes ses voitures.
by Montréal Taxi Blog on Feb 6, 2015

There Should Be No DUI’s this WEEK in St Cloud

There is absolutely no reason for a dui in St Cloud this week. Call Yellow Cab or Orange Cab and get a free safe ride home. 251- 5050 From The Radio Ad: We want your new year to begin on a happy and positive note…not as another drunk driving statis...
by Minnesota Injury Board on Jan 1, 2015

Yellow Cab’s Challenge Camsur and Challenge Philippines Announce USD $299 Bundle Price

Athletes and triathletes all over the world have the chance to experience races of a lifetime.The Challenge Philippines Family of races has announced more hot news with their Early Bird Two-Challenge Bundle Price.For USD $299, athletes get to ex...
by enjoying wonderful world on Oct 7, 2014

Challenge Philippines goes to CamSur with Yellow Cab!

From its successful triathlon last February in Subic Bay and Bataan, the renowned Challenge Family, owner of the global triathlon series of long and half distance races, recently announced that a new race is set challenge triathletes all over the glo...

The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery’s World Cup Burgers

The Royal Piccadilly Restaurant and Cakery’s World Cup Burgers are sure winners! Like this awesome Brazil Burger, a special homemade black bean burger with bacon strips and TRP’s Angus beef patty with caramelised... Read more »...
by Best Food In Town on Jul 9, 2014

List Of Pizza Chains In Manila That Is Open For Online Deliveries Right At Your Own Doorstep

As one of the most liked food anywhere in the world, who wouldn't know a pizza. Now, there are just a few clicks away or even just a call for them to be delivered right at your specified place.Greenwich delivery []Hotline...
by Michael's Hut on Apr 29, 2014

The Sixth Part of The Family

After an exhausting week, it's the only hub which regenerate our empty soul and stomach. Yes, it seems like it's the only addiction my family has and it totally drives us insane. If you'll try Yellow Cab's New York's finest, you'll probably dig what...
by Myxilog on Apr 22, 2014

Pinoy Franchise : Yellow Cab

Pinoy Franchise : Yellow Cab Company Profile Yellow Cab Pizza Co. has grown from a single-store operation to a multi-store franchise network. It is supported by a team with in-depth knowledge of restaurant operations. Yellow Cab’s infrastructur...
by on Apr 19, 2014

Bramsons Taxis Jaunes - La Patrie 1923

18 octobre 19236 décembre 1923...
by Montréal Taxi Blog on Mar 25, 2014

Need a Taxicab in Alexandria, Virginia – Hailo It! (Video)

Hailo, a terrific, innovative taxi-hailing app founded by three London cabbies, has entered the Alexandria, Virginia market.             Related StoriesYes, Sweet Fire Donna’s is NOW...
by Carlyle Community on Mar 1, 2014

New York In The Summer: 10 Money Saving Tips For Your Big Trip

Traveling to The Big Apple is a way to explore thousands of shops and delicious food joints, regardless of whether you are in the city for a business trip or just for fun. When you are planning an upcoming trip to New York City ...
by All Vacation Travel on Feb 28, 2014

Daily Quickie: Yellow Cab's Tango Box Christmas Fleet

Daily Quickie is a short tag on the title which I use for blog entries about food I'm snacking at home, work or anywhere.Believe it or not, last Christmas, my sister and I ordered in pizza from Yellow Cab to go along with the hearty dishes my mom mad...
by The Purple Doll on Dec 21, 2013

Yellow Cab's Tango Box for Christmas

Do you love pizza? Yes, I do! I love pizza and pasta. And here's a good news from Yellow Cab for Pizza lovers like credit: When In ManilaYellow Cab is offering Tango box to treat your friends and family for this holiday season. It includes:1...
by Rosels' Mom Diary on Dec 6, 2013

Yellow Cab Pizza Tango Box Christmas Fleet feat. Galapeno Tango

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!! November of last year, I was introduced to Yellow Cab's Christmas Fleet. This year, the fleet is back, and is made even better! As I mentioned before, I have a lot of memories with Yellow Cab Pizza. Each moment is a...
by Itsberyllicious on Dec 5, 2013

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

On our journey to sexy and health body (laughing while typing this, haha), we have tried different kinds of activities such as going to the gym, joining zumba classes,  1 week detox and the list goes on. Then while browsing at Metrodeal , I saw thi...
by whatyvonneloves on Jul 2, 2013

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