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USA to UK: How Caring for her Mom Led to a PhD Abroad

I can't quite remember how I first met Feylyn Lewis. It might have been in caregiving groups on LinkedIn or I might have been impressed by her advocacy for young caregivers on Twitter. Either way, I decided to write to Feylyn and ask her if she would...

Young Carers' Rap

Tricky P, rapping on being a young carer for his grandparents.  A terrific young artist giving voice to the experience of roughly 108,000 in Canada alone who are under 18 and provide care to a family member on a regular basis. The Young Carers'...

Why do young carers fail to use services? Have your say!

Why do young carers fail to use services?Berni GrahamSunday 18 September 2011 23:59Many young carers are not using the services available to them. Independent researcher Berni Graham looks at one council's investigation of why this is the caseThe lif...
by Freelance Strategic Consultant on Nov 14, 2011

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