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The Wire Troll: Cody Franson is on Fire

It is hard to believe, but Franson is suddenly on fire. Eight points in 11 games has gotten him noticed and for Karlsson owners, Franson is at least worth somewhat of a look. His ownership values are around 15-to-20 per cent and some have not quite r...
by RotoRob on Feb 17, 2013

The Wire Troll: No Josh(ing), Bailey’s Blazing

This has been one of the craziest Fantasy hockey seasons I can remember. For those who do not know, I have been playing Fantasy hockey for over 20 years, and this season there has been a little bit of everything -- along with some things I never thou...
by RotoRob on Apr 1, 2012

The New York Islanders: Poised To Make a Move?

 In a dimly lit corner of his serenely quiet office, Garth Snow coolly flips to the B-side of an unlabeled vinyl 78.The needle stirs with a slight pop, as the turntable begins to spin, a dulcet voice-over with Latin music undertones invites Snow...
by Hockey Plumber on Jul 17, 2011

2010 Thrashers: Bird of a Different Feather

Atlanta traded their franchise cornerstone Ilya Kovalchuk. You've heard about that, no?  In return the team receive a pair of younger players that can pitch in now, a top prospect, but not the top prospect, and a first rounder. Thrashers fa...
by Hockey Plumber on Feb 10, 2010

Thrashers To Fly Higher

With so much hoopla surrounding ownership battles in Phoenix and Tampa Bay and the hype that accompanied the Dany Heatley and Phil Kessel deals, one story that has flown under the radar (no pun intended) has been the Atlanta Thrashers off-season. Atl...
by Hockey Plumber on Sep 23, 2009

Bogosian finally believes he belongs in the NHL

Reality check Atlanta rookie defenseman Zach Bogosian and veteran NHL blueliner Mathieu Schneider were a hit as friends and a defensive pair this season — until the Thrashers dealt Schneider to Montreal at the trade deadline. Bogosian,…Or...
by Nhl Video Site on Jun 25, 2009

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