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Zofran: MDL No. 2657 Pending In Massachusetts With Judge Dennis Saylor Presiding Over These Drug Injury Birth Defects Lawsuits

Women Who Used Zofran Had Babies With Cleft Palate / Cleft Lip, Various Types Of Heart-Related Problems, And Other Congenital Malformations (Posted by Tom Lamb at In July 2015 the drug company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) filed a motion...
by Drug Injury Watch on Nov 3, 2015

Zofran MDL For Lawsuits Filed In Federal Court Has Been Requested By Defendant Drug Company GlaxoSmithKline

And It Is Possible That Generic Zofran / Ondansetron - Birth Defects Cases Might Be Filed In California And Some Other State Courts (Posted by Tom Lamb at On July 6, 2015 the drug company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) filed a motion with...
by Drug Injury Watch on Jul 17, 2015

With Zofran - Birth Defects Lawsuits Filed, How Will GlaxoSmithKline Update Its Drug Label To Comply With New FDA Rule Effective June 2015

New FDA Rule Requires Drug Company To Replace Current Simple Pregnancy Category Designation With A Summary Of The Risks Of Using Zofran During Pregnancy (Posted by Tom Lamb at Starting earlier this year drug injury products liabi...
by Drug Injury Watch on Apr 29, 2015

A 2004 Medical Journal Article Indicated A Possible Link Between The "Morning Sickness" Drug Use Of Zofran And Hypospadias

However, It Seems No Further Research About This Congenital Birth Defect Being Caused By Zofran Use During Pregnancy Has Been Done By GlaxoSmithKline (Posted by Tom Lamb at So-called "morning sickness", or nausea and vo...
by Drug Injury Watch on Apr 6, 2015

Zofran Associated With Birth Defects When Used During Pregnancy As An "Off-Label" Morning Sickness Treatment

Medical Researchers Find Increased Risk Of Heart Defects And Cleft Palates In Babies Born To Women Using Zofran (Posted by Tom Lamb at Women with severe morning sickness who were prescribed Zofran (ondansetron) -- a GlaxoSmithKli...
by Drug Injury Watch on Feb 9, 2015

Trip to the ER and back

Mom's chicken soupWhile somebody in a bar somewhere was ordering a martini with a twist, I was in the emergency room asking for some Zofran in my IV to combat the nausea and vomiting from the previous few days.I was tested and released without anythi...

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