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10 Things To Do in Rotorua

While you’ll never run out of attractions to see in Rotorua, you even have an endless list of activities to keep your active self preoccupied in this part of New Zealand. Sure, from geysers to lakes and woods, Rotorua is a place where you can j...
by First-time Travels on Jul 12, 2016

Happy Family Day @ Bandar Rimbayu

Wootz another fun day out! Hey we were at Happy Family Day at The Arc, Bandar Rimbayu last Saturday. This is not my first time to Bandar Rimbayu, I always enjoy their events plus the scenic and greenery on my drive there too. This time we had more B...
by Sunshine Kelly on Jun 1, 2016

Harness Zorbing for Two

Zorbing: The act of putting yourself in a big, inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. What doesn’t sound appealing about that?       £69 via
by Top 10 Things on Apr 25, 2013

Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days

Gift days are one of the latest crazes which have sprung up all over the country purely because of the “been there done that” syndrome. What better gift can you give to your friends and family that a whole day out doing whatever they like best! G...
by Top 10 Lists - Top Ten Lists on Jul 5, 2012

New Zealand – Why I want to go

If you haven’t been to New Zealand (or you haven’t already written about it for the Indie Travel Challenge): Imagine you’ve just been handed a round-trip ticket to Auckland. You’ve got a grand total of three months to spend there. You can tra...
by Going Nomadic on Jul 1, 2012


Zorb Ball atau Crazy Ball adalah bola besar berdiameter 2, 5 M yang digunakan dengan cara orang masuk ke dalam bola dan diikat menggunakan safety belt kemudian bola tersebut digelindingkan di atas rumput / karpet. Akan lebih seru lagi jik...
by MANDIRI BALON on Mar 9, 2012

New Zealand -Zorbing!

Alongside of bungy jumping, the pavlova and the sweeb, sits another New Zealand invention -the Zorb! Invented over 14 years ago, the zorb is a very large plastic globe -basically you get plonked inside, and rolled down a rather large hill -wet or dry...
by Kiwi Travel and Tours on Jan 17, 2011

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