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Harness Zorbing for Two

Zorbing: The act of putting yourself in a big, inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. What doesn’t sound appealing about that?       £69 via
by Top 10 Things on Apr 25, 2013

Zorbing Yaparken Uçurumdan Düştü

Rusya'da Zorbing yapan bir tatilci, içine girdiği plastik topun kontrolünü kaybedince uçurumdan aşşağıya yuvarlandı. O anları tatilcinin bir arkadaşı görüntüledi.Tailci ağır yaralı olarak kurtarıldı.Bakın...
by Vide-z on Feb 3, 2013

Man dies in “freak” zorbing accident

A Russian man died in a bizarre accident when a huge inflatable ball he was travelling in fell of the side of a mountain. The freak “zorbing” accident happened at...
by The Freaky on Jan 9, 2013

Passion of Zorbing takes life of father of two

Zorbing, originated form the New Zealand, is one of the very less adopted hobby of a few daring young men around the world. Zorbing is confining oneself into a large inflatable rubber ball and rolling down a mountain slope. Th...
by Hobby Shobbys on Jan 8, 2013

Incredible Natural Phenomena Around the World

While we are out exploring other planets, there are some truly incredible things occurring on our own.  Natural phenomena happen all over the world, and often times we can’t account for what causes them.  The only thing that is certain about thes...
by MapSalesDotCom on Aug 17, 2012

Top 10 Most Unusual Gift Days

Gift days are one of the latest crazes which have sprung up all over the country purely because of the “been there done that” syndrome. What better gift can you give to your friends and family that a whole day out doing whatever they like best! G...
by Top 10 Lists - Top Ten Lists on Jul 5, 2012

मनाली (Solang Valley) →सोलांग घाटी की प्राकृतिक सुंदरता (एक सुहाना सफ़र मनाली का….4)

Quad Biking and Zorbing

Click here: for your chance to win a holiday in Tropical North Queensland and your own Lumix FT3 Tough Camera A few weeks ago we sent one of our Lumix FT3 tough cameras on holiday with the Tourism Tropical North Queensland team for an advent...
by best camera reviews on Feb 27, 2012

New Zealand -Zorbing!

Alongside of bungy jumping, the pavlova and the sweeb, sits another New Zealand invention -the Zorb! Invented over 14 years ago, the zorb is a very large plastic globe -basically you get plonked inside, and rolled down a rather large hill -wet or dry...
by Kiwi Travel and Tours on Jan 17, 2011

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