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Zuna – KMN

Zuna von der KMN-Gang veröffentlicht das Video zu seinem Song „KMN“ und liefert damit einen ersten akustischen Einblick in sein kommendes Album „Mele7“. Das Album erscheint am 3. März nächsten Jahres. „Ich mach alles...
by on Dec 2, 2016

Laurier archaeological dig unearths rare imports in Iron Age house

For two decades, Laurier archaeology professor Michèle Daviau has led international teams of scholars and students abroad to uncover the hidden lives of people who existed thousands of years ago. During her most recent excavation in Jordan, Daviau...
by The Archaeology News Network on Oct 1, 2010

Zunavision: Novel software by Stanford university students/prof to embed video/image inside video

Stanford artificial intelligence researchers have developed software that makes it easy to reach inside an existing video and place a photo on the wall so realistically that it looks like it was there from the beginning. The photo is not pasted on to...
by L . i . n . k . e . r on Nov 15, 2008

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