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I am the host of a LIVE talk radio show on called "The Facebook & Zynga Podcast" / I also run many pages and groups on Facebook. I also own Social Network Radio
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Read the truth about the happenings with Facebook and Zynga. No Holds Barred.

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  • on Oct 22, 2011
    wow I just got an iPad for free no bs.. hurry while it lasts -
  • on Oct 22, 2011
    wow I just got an iPad without paying anything.. hurry while it lasts
  • on Oct 20, 2011
  • Mafia Wars 2 Coming Soon
    on Sep 20, 2011
    Well we have said it was coming and here is the proof ,MAFIA WARS 2 COMING SOON. We all said it was coming but they denied it until today as they have just opened up the Fan Page on it. Not much else on it but as the fan page grows with members...
  • The Show Is Up / New Properties Coming & Special Hurricane Loot Item Too.
    on Sep 7, 2011
    The Show Is Up & we are back after A long Labor Day Weekend and we went over the changes and happenings in Mafia Wars like the the family BOSS fight, We reviewed the return to Cuba & it's missions plus we talked about the rumor on the street...
  • Some New York Craftable Property Items Updated & New Phobia Crates
    on Sep 1, 2011
    Well seems Zynga has changed the values of some of the New York Craftable Property Items. They made them higher and added a Bronze Star next to them.As you can see both the attack & defense have gone up on some of the items and like I said t...
    on Aug 31, 2011
    Well as if the PR nightmare couldn't get any worse for Zynga they have confirmed that if you want LIVE Chat Support you must spend money on the game to get it. WTF !!! just released a story confirming this and even the Community Manage...
  • The Show Is Up / Cuba Review & Games Closing & Coming Soon
    on Aug 31, 2011
    *** The Show Is Up *** Well Cuba has reopened in Mafia Wars and we go over it and talk about some of issues with it. We also talked about the rest of the game issues & a new game coming from Zynga called Adventure World & some closing, not to...
  • Cuba Is Now Open !!! Only 1 Bug / Robbing
    on Aug 30, 2011
    Well they hinted it was coming and we broke it on our show LIVE is was & here it is CUBA. With a new Ruby level to do for new loot items, new Achievement, mastery item & a new mission to boot. So we now get to burn al...
  • "Adventure World" Zynga's Newest Game Coming Soon
    on Aug 30, 2011
    Zynga the largest Social Gaming Company in the World is growing a bit more as they have release a trailer for their newest game "Adventure World " coming to Facebook. If the trailer is any indication it looks like a cross of Treasure Island meet...
  • More Rollbacks From Zynga ???
    on Aug 19, 2011
    ??Well it looks like those people who got early access to Smugglers Haven are going to be quite pissed when they hear that some ACCOUNT ADJUSTMENTS are coming again. To be honest this one is definitely not fair as it was a Zynga progra...
  • More Adjustments From Zynga ???
    on Aug 19, 2011
    ??Well it looks like those people who didn't get early access to Smugglers Haven are going to be quite pissed when they hear that some JOB ADJUSTMENTS are coming again. To be honest this one is definitely not fair as it was a Zynga pro...
  • Power Packs, A New Hospital & The Missing 25% Of Stamina Solved
    on Aug 18, 2011 in power packs facebook zynga mafia wars
    We had a couple of things added last night that the players are going to really like. We had Power Packs added to the game & a Revamped Hospital.Zynga yesterday, right as we went on the air with our show, came out with a some new features, a slow...
  • The Show Is Up / Blue Eyed Nate Say's Goodbye & Welcome Big Ben & The Muppet's Take Over The Show
    on Aug 17, 2011
    The Show is up & we said goodbye to Blue Eyed Nate the Community Manager of Mafia Wars and we welcomed Big Ben who is taking over,we talked about the new Game side bar by Facebook & we had the MUPPET'S takeover the show. So this was a real fu...
  • The Facebook Game News Sidebar - Can It Be Turned Off ?
    on Aug 17, 2011
    Well Facebook has done it again !!! They have added a new feature to annoy all it's gamer's called Real-time Game News Sidebar. This feature gives us in real time news of what our Facebook friends are Supposedly doing right now as...
  • Blue Eyed Nate The Community Manager Is Leaving Mafia Wars & Zynga
    on Aug 16, 2011
    The Community Manager Nate McGee or Blue Eyed Nate, as he is better known as, has decided to leave Mafia Wars & Zynga to pursue greener pastures effective Friday. Nate has done more with the Mafia Wars Community...
  • The Show Is Up / The Weekly Timers Issue & The Mafia Wars Wiki Guy's On
    on Aug 15, 2011
    The Show Is Up & we went over the Family progression feature and the big timer issue, the problems finding live war targets & the continuing dropping number in the game plus something that seems to be in testing Mafia Wars 2.0 we went over th...
  • The Weekly Timers Are Fixed !!!
    on Aug 15, 2011
    Hey everyone looks like Zynga has fixed the weekly timers on the Family Progression Mission. As those of you who has had the weekly timers they have been down for over 24 hours and you couldn't progress on the individual side of the mission and...
  • The Family Progression 411 & Weekly Timers Are Broke
    on Aug 14, 2011
    Well we knew there had to be something that would break over the weekend and that happens to be the Weekly Timers on the Family Progression Missions.Yep it is stuck in Zynga Limbo it wont reset and if you have already completed all the tasks & co...
  • Evil Ed's "Zombie Apocalypse & Halloween Prize Giveaway!"
    on Aug 9, 2011
    Join us for Evil Ed's "Zombie Apocalypse & Halloween Prize Giveaway!" Sponsored By: Quarantine Studio, The Walking Dead Board Game (Z-Man games), Digital Chocolate (Zombie Lane), Zombie Ammo, & Zombie Apocalypse Preparation (Z.A.P.) ...

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