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Kebutuhan akan bahan-bahan untuk menyelesaikan tugas kuliah dan sekolah saat ini sangat mendesak dan.. sangat dibutuhkan oleh pelajar

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    on Sep 14, 2011
  • Membuat Efek Tag Cloud
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Blogger Tips
    Tag Cloud Cumulus pada blogger disebut juga Blogumus. Aslinya dibuat untuk WP namun seiring perkembangan zaman akhirnya tag cloud berhasil diterapkan oleh Blogger. Lihat contoh tag cloud-nya (label) pada gambar disamping atau pada blog ini yang berad...
  • Mengenal Lebih Jauh Mengenai Suku Komering
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Komering
    Di sumatera selatan sendiri ada berbagai macam suku yaitu Suku Ogan, Suku Komering, Suku Ranau, Suku Kisam, Suku Daya, Suku Aji, Suku Musi, Suku Rawas, Suku Beliti, Suku Banyuasin, Suku Kikim, Suku Semendo, dan Wong Palembang (Taqwa, 1997:18). Khu...
  • Cara menampilkan kode script pada posting blog
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Blogger Tips
    Kode script tentunya tidak bisa kita masukkan begitu saja pada halaman posting, jika kita masukkan begitu saja maka kode tersebut tidak akan terlihat pada postingan, dan malah sebelum tulisan kita terbitkan, kita akan mendapat peringatan dari blogspo...
  • Lindungi Blog Dengan Mematikan Fungsi Klik Kanan
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Blogger Tips
    Seringkali para blogger kesal karena artikel blog yang sudah susah-susah dibuat malah di-‘copas’ oleh orang lain tanpa izin kita. Salah satu cara mencegah ini mungkin bisa memanfaatkan layanan dari Copyscape. Namun sayangnya ini saja tidak cukup.
  • Membuat Enegy Saving Bergambar
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Blogger Tips
    Terkadang pada sebuah blog apabila kita tidak melakukan aktifitas apa-apa blog tersebut menjadi dalam posisi standby dan tidak jarang memunculkan gambar atau blank monitor berupa warna hitam, yang biasa disebut sebagai Energy Saving. Untuk dapat memb...
  • Membuat Spoiler pada Posting
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Blogger Tips
    Spoiler, Yaitu teknik menyembunyikan gambar/teks/video dll untuk menghemat space. Spoiler ternyata bisa juga diterapkan di blog. Adapun Tampilan Spoiler umumnya seperti dibawah ini Contoh 1isi spoiler Adapun Kode Script yang bisa digunakan untuk...
  • Membuat Popular Post Unik
    on Sep 12, 2011 in Blogger Tips
    Penggunaaan Popular Post pada sebuah Blog akan membuat tampilan blog menjadi lebih dinamis dan terkesan rapi :D adapun beberapa tampilan popular post yang biasanya digunakan dalam sebuah blog tampak seperti digambar dibawah ini : Popular Post 1...
  • Using Exercise to Help You Quit Smoking
    on Sep 10, 2011 in Health
    Once you've finally decided to stop smoking, you'll find that you will need something to replace that habit. It's very difficult to stop smoking, some say it's harder to stop smoking than it is to stop taking addictive narcotics. Exercise can be...
  • The danger of pain in the spine
    on Sep 10, 2011 in Health
    Low back pain (LBP) is a pain, which occurs in the region below the waist and legs can be spread, especially the back and outside. Complaints may be so large that the victim difficulty of each movement had to break the and the hospital. Complaints of...
  • Fighting Flu Season as a Health Care Professional
    on Sep 10, 2011 in Health
    As a healthcare professional, the anticipation of an impending flu season conjures images of overflowing emergency waiting rooms, shortages of available beds and trying to juggle multiple tasks instantaneously. The 2009-2010 flu season arrived...
  • Color and function for health
    on Sep 7, 2011 in Health General
    You may have heard that the color effect on health. Some health experts, in certain diseases, such as stress, psychological color is thought to affect one person can cure the disease. Maybe that's why the color of the walls of the dining room should...
  • Relationship between religion and peace
    on Sep 7, 2011 in Religious
    Relationship between religions, a subject which is always interesting to talk about religion are almost always gives the order (or associated) with the problems of conflict and dialogue, confrontation and cooperation, tolerance and intolerance, and w...
  • Link between Cancer and Food
    on Sep 7, 2011 in Health
    There are different opinions on what needs to be consumed by people with cancer. Most people agree that cancer patients should avoid certain foods safely. By contrast, some disagree and allow cancer patients to eat whatever I want. Whatever the reas...
  • Know better about breast cancer
    on Sep 7, 2011 in Health
    Breast cancer is a disease that involves the excessive growth or uncontrolled growth of cells (tissue), breast, this can happen to women and men. In different parts of the world, breast cancer disease reported in a case of cancer death in number five...
  • Tips In Mind Before You Buy Empty Property Insurance!
    on Sep 6, 2011 in General
    Unoccupied property insurance policies, one of the lesser-known realm of residential real estate, and that the house is a huge responsibility for those who know what they're getting into. For the uninitiated, the requirements for successfully owned a...
  • Possible that children affected by brain tumors?
    on Sep 5, 2011 in Health
    Brain tumors are tumors that occur most often in children. There are about 1,500 children in the United States are diagnosed with a brain tumor each year, brain tumors are abnormal cells growing in the brain caused by uncontrolled cell division. Norm...
  • How to Handle Child Stress
    on Sep 5, 2011 in Psychology
    Stress in children can occur at any age, even early on, because in the womb. When the mother containing stress, including a fetus in the womb, I feel it. Fetal heart rate becomes irregular, so that the supply of oxygen and nutrients is reduced. When...
  • How to become a reliabel photographer
    on Sep 4, 2011 in General
    Being a professional digital photographer is a dream many people have but most lack the ambition to move forward. However, you want to take the best digital pictures you can without forking over the cost of a degree in photography. So here are some t...
  • Acne and its Prevention
    on Sep 4, 2011 in Health
    Acne is a condition in which the clogged skin pores, causing an inflamed sac of pus. Acne is a skin disease that is quite a large number of sufferers. Kligmann, an acne problem penelit renowned in the world believes, "No one else in the world who go...