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A Canadian blog with tips for saving, investing and tax optimization. Topics include RRSPs, RESPs,.. TFSAs, mortgages, insurance, taxes, ETFs, index funds and asset allocation.

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  • CPFC15 Money Tips: Meet the Experts Attending the Canadian Personal Finance Conference
    on Oct 15, 2015 in Financial Literacy Frugality Income
    This coming weekend (October 17-18), over two hundred bloggers, journalists, authors, and industry representatives will meet in Toronto to attend the Canadian Personal Finance Conference, or CPFC. While the audience will be full of those in the know...
  • How to Develop Better Money Habits
    on Oct 5, 2015 in Financial Literacy
    Rather than regularly setting unobtainable and vague goals on New Years Day or your birthday, it makes more sense to develop better money habits that can help you create a lifestyle that includes improved finances for the long term. You don’t h...
  • National Do Not Call List & Do Not Contact Service
    on Sep 14, 2015 in Web Sites
    Tired of all the phone calls and junk mail trying to sell products and services you don’t want? Many of us hate the idea of being contacted by those who are just trying to get our money. It’s possible that junk mail and marketing phone calls...
  • Do You Have a Money Philosophy?
    on Aug 31, 2015 in Financial Literacy
    One of the biggest problems that many people have with managing their money is keeping their efforts in line with their interests and values. Too many people mindlessly spend their money, without thinking about how their choices fit in with the grand...
  • What Are the Risks of Leveraged Investing?
    on Aug 24, 2015 in Investing
    One of the ways that some people choose to make more money investing is to do so with leverage. This can be one way to boost your overall returns. However, you do need to be careful, though. Not only can leveraged investing magnify your gains, but i...
  • The Best Aeroplan Credit Cards of 2015
    on Aug 20, 2015 in Credit Cards
    Over the years, Aeroplan has evolved into a broad rewards coalition, although it is still mainly associated with travel miles. Aeroplan credit cards allow you to find ways to earn rewards on a number of items, from food to hardware to travel. Most pe...
  • How to Make Your Car Last Longer
    on Aug 17, 2015 in Frugality
    A car is one of the largest purchases that most people make. After your home, your car is likely to be the most expensive thing you buy. Unfortunately, you are also likely to replace it more times than you are likely to replace your home. Over your l...
  • The Best Low Interest Credit Cards of 2015
    on Aug 13, 2015 in Credit Cards
    If you regularly carry a balance, you will probably need a low interest credit card. Low interest credit cards can also help with your debt repayment plan. It’s hard to pay off debt efficiently when you are stuck paying 19.99%. It can make a bi...
  • Backup Your Important Documents and Files
    on Aug 10, 2015 in Software
    We don’t often think about things like backing up documents and files. It’s something that seems boring and is easy to forget. Unfortunately, it’s something that comes up in the worst of circumstances, when you lose important infor...
  • Where to Find Sources of Extra Income
    on Aug 3, 2015 in Career
    When you’re trying to get back on your financial feet, one of the biggest pieces of advice you are likely to get is this: Cut back on your expenses. While this is good advice, the reality is that, when trying to save money, eventually you’ll...
  • The Best Air Miles Credit Cards of 2015
    on Jul 30, 2015 in Credit Cards
    Air travel can be expensive. However, you can reduce the cost involved with the help of your planned credit card spending. Air Miles credit cards can provide you with the ability to earn travel rewards on a number of regular purchases, reducing the a...
  • How to Buy Stocks: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Stocks
    on Jul 20, 2015 in Stocks
    One of the unfortunate truths is that many people make investing far more complicated than it needs to be. It’s common to treat investing as a mystery that can only be penetrated by those with special insight and knowledge. However, buying stoc...
  • Want to Start Investing? Take Advantage of this Special Globe and Mail Offer
    on Jun 22, 2015 in Investing
    One of the best things you can do to build long-term wealth is to learn about money and start investing now. However, taking that first step can be difficult when you don’t have the confidence you feel you need to make informed decisions. This...
  • Home Buyers Plan: What is the HBP?
    on Jun 15, 2015 in Mortgage RRSP
    Buying a home can get expensive. After all, a home is a large purchase, and if you want to avoid hassles and difficulties, you need to come up with a down payment of at least 20%. While some Canadian lenders have been accepting less, most homebuyers...
  • Boost Your Finances with Cash Back Credit Cards
    on Jun 1, 2015 in Credit Cards
    Rewards credit cards come with a lot of benefits. The savvy credit card user can use rewards as a way to boost finances in the long run. The key is to make your credit card use a part of your regular budget, and see your rewards card as a financial t...
  • Is CIBC Investor’s Edge Right for You?
    on May 25, 2015 in Investing
    When you think of investing in Canada, chances are that you don’t think of many online brokers. While they make things easy, the reality is that if you compare what we pay for investing here in Canada with what they pay in the States, we kind o...
  • How to Make Spending and Earning Simple
    on May 19, 2015 in Credit Cards
    Think about the last time something gave you delight. Chances are, it was a small thing. In fact, a recent American Express survey found that 94% of Canadians agree that they are delighted by the simple pleasures of life. The survey found that some o...
  • How to Make Household Items Last Longer
    on May 11, 2015 in Frugality
    When you are looking to save money, sometimes it matters less about how much you pay for something and more on how long you can make it last. You’ll spend a lot less on buying new items if you can stretch the lifespan of things that you already...
  • The Best Student Credit Cards of 2015
    on May 4, 2015 in Credit Cards
    These days, if you want to be able to buy a house later or get a good deal on your insurance rates, you need good credit. One of the easiest ways to build good credit is with the help of a credit card. If you are responsible in your use of credit, ma...
  • How to Write a Great Resume
    on Apr 20, 2015 in Career
    Even though the Internet is changing a lot about the way we look for jobs, the reality is that many hiring managers still look at resumes. Your resume might be in digital format, but it’s still a resume, and writing a great resume to use for yo...