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My site is dedicated to all the pet lovers around the world to whom the pets are one in their.. family. I would appreciate to give your valuable comments and also assure that your queries or.. suggestions will be answered immediately.

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  • Golden Retriever
    on Mar 22, 2009 in Dogs
    Description:The Golden Retriever is a symmetrical, powerfully active dog, and a well built hunter. They are known for displaying a kindly, compassionate expression. Golden Retrievers posses a personality that is eager, alert and self-confident. Prima...
  • Dachshund
    on Mar 21, 2009 in Dogs
    Description:Dachshunds come in two sizes, standard and miniature, and three types of coats: smooth-haired, longhaired and wirehaired. The breed is easily distinguished by its low, long muscular body and disproportionately stubby legs-perfect for movi...
  • Siamese fighting fish
    on Mar 17, 2009 in Fish
    The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the "betta fish" or just "betta", is one of the most popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. It is native to the rice paddies of Thailand and called pla-kad or pla-kat ("Biting Fish") in...
  • Saint Bernard
    on Mar 16, 2009 in Dogs
    DescriptionThe St. Bernard Dog is a very large breed of dog, a working dog from the Swiss Alps, originally bred for rescue. The breed has become famous through tales of alpine rescues, as well as for its enormous size.The Saint Bernard is a very larg...
  • Arowana
    on Mar 14, 2009 in Fish
    Arowana Fish (sometimes called dragon fish) can be a great choice for those that think big. Some varieties can grow up to Four feet long (120cm). They can be feisty, though become tamer with age to the point of eating from your fingers, and not the f...
  • Canaries
    on Feb 25, 2009 in Canaries
    HousingCanaries can be housed indoors in a large wire cage with a plastic base or outdoors in a purpose-built aviary. The cage should have some horizontal bars set at different heights as they love to hop from one perch to another this makes many rou...
  • Himalayan
    on Feb 14, 2009 in Cats and Kittens
    The Himalayan is one of the most popular breeds of cats and they are colloquially referred as Himmy. These longhair, blue-eyed beauties capture the eyes and hearts of cat lovers all over the world. Himalayan is the American term, while in Europe they...
  • Abyssinian
    on Feb 12, 2009 in Cats and Kittens
    The Abyssinian cat is said to be descended from a cat called Zula, brought to England by Captain Barrett Leonard when he returned from service in the Abyssinian wars in the 1860�s. Apparently he brought two cats, but Zula was the sole survivor. The...
  • Great Dane
    on Feb 7, 2009 in Dogs
    A "gentle giant," the Great Dane is nothing short of majestic. Sometimes referred to as the "king of dogs," this extremely large dog breed is known for being strong yet elegant, with a friendly, energetic personality. Striking in the show ring, this...
  • Beagle
    on Feb 7, 2009 in Dogs
    The Beagle is a small hound bred for hunting rabbit and hare. The head is somewhat lengthy and is domed at the occiput. Eyes are hazel or deep brown in color, large and set apart with a soft, "pleading" expression that is common to most hounds. The f...
  • Mastiff
    on Feb 6, 2009 in Dogs
    The Old English Mastiff is one of the heaviest breeds; a male Mastiff can exceed 200 pounds. This dog is very massive, powerful and muscular. The head is heavy and square with a short muzzle. There is a black mask around the eyes and nose no matter w...
  • Pug
    on Feb 6, 2009 in Dogs
    One of the great things about pugs is their size. The Pug is a small breed of dog with a wrinkly, short muzzled face . Pugs are small dogs, but their small size is deceptive, they pack a punch! The word "pug" may have come from the Old English pugg o...
  • Flemish Giant
    on Jan 22, 2009 in Rabbits
    Flemish Giant is a type of rabbit, most famous for its unusually large size compared to other rabbits.Flemish giants come in seven varieties recognized by the American Rabbit Breed Association(ARBA): black, blue, fawn, light gray, sandy, steel gray,...
  • Rabbits as pets
    on Jan 22, 2009 in Rabbits
    Caring for Pet Rabbits - Is it Easy?'Stuffed bunny rabbits are so cute. So are real rabbits. How difficult could it be to take care of just one rabbit. All that is required is to give it something to eat, water to drink, and a big enough cage to live...
  • Domestic, Feral or Rock Pigeons
    on Jan 19, 2009 in Pigeons and Doves
    Pigeons are actually domesticated rock doves that have returned to wild or semi-wild conditions. Some rock doves were domesticated for food, others as homing pigeons, and some as ‘fancy’ pigeons, bred for their plumage. Feral pigeons, also called...
  • Pigeons and Doves
    on Jan 19, 2009 in Pigeons and Doves
    Pigeons and doves constitute the family Columbidae within the order Columbiformes, which include some 300 species of near passerine birds. In general parlance the terms "dove" and "pigeon" are used somewhat interchangeably. In ornithological practice...
  • Why do pigeons bob their heads when they walk?
    on Jan 19, 2009 in Pigeons and Doves
    Most evidence suggests that the head bobbing serves a visual function.See video: has always been an intriguing phenomenon. Pigeons (or ‘Rock Pigeons’ to be exact) have a peculiar habit of bobbing thei...
  • About parrots
    on Jan 18, 2009 in Parrots
    Parrots make wonderful family pets because they are great companions, they are beautiful birds with colorful feathers and you can teach them to talk. Parrots are very enjoyable pets and are relatively easy to feed and maintain. But you must have a st...
  • Macaw Parrots
    on Jan 18, 2009 in Parrots
    Macaw parrots are the colorful and captivating type of birds. Near about 18 species of macaws are recognized. These parrots are well known for having largest numbers of species. Macaw parrots are very playful by nature and counted among the most inte...
  • Cats & Kittens
    on Jan 14, 2009 in Cats and Kittens
    Formerly it was generally thought that our house cats were simply the progeny of tamed pairs of the European wildcat; but anatomy denied the probability of this, and historical investigation showed that they came from another source. Historical evide...