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I've been an interior designer for ever. Published in numerous magazines and books, I've written a couple of my own design books, and now am obsessed with my blog. It covers DIY projects as well as my design. I feature a weekly Q&A decorating post full of advice that can apply to a wide audience. To top it all off, the #%£ thing is funny!
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Decorating and humor blog with a weekly Q&A post for decorating questions. I also cover my DIY.. projects, along with showing my many published projects with behind the scenes peeks at what goes in.. to making these polished spaces.

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  • I'm Loosing My Mind, So You Have To Come With Me....
    on Dec 17, 2016
    That's right little campers.....I'm back for another post right on the heels of my previous one!!!!!You guys are so lucky.Or, as they say in New Jersey,Yous Guys.Seee?I learned something from my under graduate degree.After writing that I was def...
  • Redecorating Using My OWN Fabrics!!!!!!!
    on Dec 14, 2016
    I'm redoing my living room.I'm redoing my living room.I'm redoing my living room.......Have I mentioned that I am redoing my living room?????I am driving myself crazy with this $%&!!!!!You think it's hard decorating your own house????Try doing it...
  • All Right All Ready, I'll Write A Post
    on Sep 2, 2016
    I'm sorry, sorta, I know I haven't written for a million years, and some of you have been kind enough to email me to see if I'm OK.(or to nughe me) nudge I don't know how to spell nughe, and auto correct doesn't know either.Or it doesn't know wh...
  • Choosing A New Coffee Table For Connie
    on Jun 11, 2016
    SOOOOOOOOOOO.....I sorta let the cat out of the bag in my last post.I wanted to save showing you guys Connie's new coffee table for the sun room.....BUTI needed to show an overall view of the room.Soooooooo.....I kinda hoped you wouldn't notice that...
  • Furniture Placement in Front of a Screen
    on May 7, 2016
    OK KAMPERS!!!!!We're back for another segment of...."let's trash Betsy's design"AKA"we don't like what you did over there in that section of that there room....."In case you're wondering what in the hell I'm referring to, ( to what I am ref...
  • Styling a Bookcase
    on Apr 15, 2016
    HIYA!!!!Yeah, it's me.Back for another beautiful, bodacious, bemusing, bull $%&ing post!!!!!I am still helping my friend Connie with her home in south Florida.We are now adding the layers to make it cozy and unique.One of the sticking p...
  • The Last of the Cape Cod Showhouse Bedroom
    on Mar 1, 2016
    Hey! Did you guys think I fell off a cliff and DIED?????Well I didn't . You're probably sick of hearing this by now, but I've been working my considerable a$$ off trying to finish my "Spring Collection" for my "Fabric Line".Well, boys and girls,...
  • 2nd!!! Last!!! Final!!! Post on the Cape Cod Showhouse Bedroom (you know I'm lying.....)
    on Jan 24, 2016
     I really thought that this would be the last post on this room.....but it turns out that I can squeeze another one out before I'm done.(that didn't sound right, but I'm too lazy to figure out another way to say that. You all can give suggestion...
  • Before the Year 2000 Cape Cod Showhouse....
    on Jan 10, 2016
    I don't remember the exact year......It was some time in the 1990's.....Oy....anyway.....Below is the overview picture from Traditional Home Magazine of the room I designed.Since it was the Cape Cod Academy Showhouse, it was on Cape Cod!!!!!I chose a...
  • My New Slipcovers!!!!!
    on Dec 16, 2015
    Hi everyone!!!!!have you missed me?????Well, first excuse.....I am trying to finish my #$% fabric line for a spring launch.(I am now working on the last pattern.....lets keep our fingers crossed......)my other excuse is I've been sick.BUT I'M BETTER!
  • A Guest House on Martha's Vineyard
    on Nov 22, 2015
    This post will finish up my wanderings down memory lane visiting the job I did for the Newhouses on Martha's Vineyard.Separating the main house from the guest house was a deck that was the same level as the floors in both houses so that Wynn Newhouse...
  • An Outdoor Secret Living Space on Martha's Vineyard
    on Nov 15, 2015
    The Newhouse's vacation home had a garage on the street separated from the house by an unsightly patio.The space in between the two buildings was an unappealing barren area that could be used for grilling or hanging out in privacy, sort of.
  • A Martha's Vineyard Bedroom
    on Nov 8, 2015
    Today I'll finish up with the main house that I did for Wynn and Catherine Newhouse on Martha's Vineyard.Next week we'll go look at the guest house.If you've been following this story, you may remember that this house had barrier free design,&nb...
  • A Martha's Vineyard Kitchen
    on Nov 1, 2015
    When I started to design the kitchen for Wynn and Catherine Newhouse, I needed to consider the challenges of barrier free design since Wynn used a wheel chair.One important aspect of this project was to create a home that Wynn could use without it lo...
  • Martha's Vineyard Staircase Details and Hallway
    on Oct 18, 2015
    Continuing my story on the design of Wynn and Catherine Newhouse's Vineyard home.....Opposite the entry window seat were the stairs to the second floor.Less (the architect I worked with for several thousand years) wanted a half wall to separate the d...
  • Martha's Vineyard Cottage Dining Room
    on Oct 13, 2015
    HELLO!!!!!Let's continue the tour of the Martha's Vineyard home that I decorated 2000 years ago for the Newhouses.We've looked at the living room and the entry hall, so today is time for thedining room!!!!!To be different and cutting edge,I used a di...
  • How to Hide an Eyesore (or why did the builder do that to my house????)
    on Sep 13, 2015
    As you know....,Connie and Chris bought their new home almost two years ago, so I guess it's not so new to them anymore.But for me, who never moved until I went away to college, that's brand new.I still think of my condo as my "new condo", even thoug...
  • Adding Fabric to Connie's Eating Area
    on Sep 7, 2015
    OK let's look at how we added the finishing touches with fabric to Connie and Chris's kitchen eating area.I was working off the colors of a fabric from the previous owners.Connie bought the family room draperies from them when s...
  • What to do When There's No Room for a Server in the Dining Room
    on Aug 30, 2015
    what to do.....what to do.....???????Sooooooo.I left you guys at this point of decorating Connie and Chris's dining area where I crammed a long table into a not so long space.There was no room at either end for a piece of furniture.Unfortunately, the...
  • Designing an Eating Area for Connie and Chris
    on Aug 23, 2015
    Well.....Now that I've shown you how far we've gotten with Connie and Chris's living room, it is time to tackle their eating area in the kitchen.Their new home doesn't have a formal dining room, but a large area in the kitchen.This room is...