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I am a woman in my fifties and at a point in my life where I am searching for an identity. What do I want to be when I grow up? What happens when you pass on every interest and ambition you had in return for the gift of motherhood, and you can't have children? When you are blessed with a job you find rewarding and pays well, and your health forces you to quit? I have been bed ridden and bored and have no idea of who I am. I want to change this. I want to begin to challenge myself to learn all I can and do all that I can to change who I am now to who I want to be, I know this quest of mine is more than checks on a bucket list. I want to learn about myself in the process. I enjoy and appreciate that there are iconic woman, of similar age who continue to teach me, entertain me, challenge me and soothe me. Fantasy Friends to me and millions like me.
I am blessed with a wonderful husband and a nice life. I cherish my Faith and my Family.
So when you can't have your first "first choice" in Life, find another first, second and third choice. I want to keep going. Wish me luck?!

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