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GreenEdge Kids is the largest online boutique dedicated to kids eco-fashions. Our blog is dedicated.. to topics related to environment, fashion, and children, with a focus on green kids' fashions.

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  • Last Day For GreenEdge Kids after 5 Years!
    on Dec 31, 2012
    After a WONDERFUL 5 years, we've decided to sell GreenEdge Kids! Thousands of customers have bought hundreds of thousands of sustainable products from us on the Largest Online Store for Sustainable Designer Children's Clothes! But now it's time...
  • Be Green!
    on Feb 7, 2012
    It is definitely time to support the eco-friendly clothing industry. Why buy cheap clothing when you can receive high quality, wrinkle resistant, durable clothing that is made in the USA with the environment in mind?You can support organic children's...
  • Fashion Industries Need to Become More Sustainable
    on Jan 24, 2012
    Reasons the Fashion Industry Should Go Green!There are many ways the fashion industry can change to become more sustainable. -produce clothing in the USA-increase the quality of clothing-use sustainable materials-cut down unnecessary waste-use natura...
  • Eco Fashion
    on Jan 23, 2012
    Eco Fashion and sustainable design are growing in Berlin and gaining international interest. Many companies and networks based in Berlin are focusing on sustainability. And more and more consumers are preferring products manufactured in an eco-friend...
  • Fashion for Girls
    on Jan 19, 2012
    Girls love clothes! And your little girls might be at that age when their personal styles show through. They start to pick out their own clothes, wear their hair a certain way, and of course, show you how well they did.You can help them out just a li...
  • Children's Fashion Trends for 2012
    on Jan 18, 2012
    Kids are dressing more fashionable than ever! Children’s clothing is looking a lot more mature; by introducing sophisticated blazers and button-ups for boys, and stunning blouses and jackets for girls. Shop for the best 2012 trends for your kids...
  • Stay Eco-Friendly Throughout 2012
    on Jan 16, 2012
    Here are simple inexpensive ways you can stay green and maintain an eco-friendly lifestyle! Bring reusable bags with you to grocery stores and shopping trips.Grow a garden! Grow vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, or beans. You will save...
  • Eco-Friendly Backpacks
    on Jan 11, 2012
    GreenEdge Kids has eco-friendly backpacks for kids made of recycled fabric, hemp, or organic cotton! Our backpacks have high quality workmanship and are very durable. Kids use their backpacks daily, so why not give them something of high quality tha...
  • Why Choose Green
    on Jan 7, 2012
    GreenEdge Kids is an online boutique selling organic designer children's clothing for boys and girls, sizes 2-14. You want unique, innovative, designer kids clothing, and you want to support organic children's clothing...why not do both? GreenEdge...
  • 2012 New Year's Resolution
    on Jan 1, 2012
    Happy New Year Everybody!Start the year off right by thinking of a great New Year's Resolution. Here at GreenEdge Kids, we have eco-friendly ideas for you!Spend the year being more eco-friendly...Teach your family about living a more sustainable life...
  • Eco-Friendly Family Products
    on Dec 19, 2011
    GreenEdge Kids has Family Products!Shop now for our eco-friendly family products and you will receive the high quality that our organic clothing comes with; exceptional softness, durability, wrinkle resistance, high quality workmanship in sewing and...
  • Made in USA
    on Dec 12, 2011
    BE GREEN!At GreenEdge Kids, when we say "Made in USA," we mean sewn in the USA. Although some organic cotton is grown and milled (processed info fabric) in the USA (USA Cotton), there just aren't enough organic cotton farmers to meet demand. Farm sub...
  • Search for Eco-Friendly Clothing
    on Dec 4, 2011
    While all the GreenEdge Kids' clothes are environmentally friendly in some way, we make it easy to find the products or brands that reflect the values that you are looking for as you shop! If you are new to eco-friendly children's fashion, you may...
  • GreenEdge Denim
    on Dec 1, 2011
    GreenEdge Kids is the first USA-made premium eco-denim for children! There aren't many eco-friendy options when it comes to jeans for children, but these jeans fit absolutely perfectly and look amazing! Check out Tristin and Tyler sporting the skinny...
  • Being Trendy
    on Nov 30, 2011
    Young children and tween fashion can be hard to find, but here at GreenEdge Kids we focus on eco-friendly designer kid's clothes, sizes 2-14.GreenEdge Kids makes it easy for you to stay "edgy," because we stay on top of each season's emerging eco-fri...
  • Organic Style
    on Nov 29, 2011
    GreenEdge Kids has the Largest Selection ofOrganic Designer Children's Clothing!!GreenEdge Kids, an online clothing boutique for children sizes 2-14, was founded by Annie and Jim Kaskade. Together, they established GreenEdge Kids in order to provide...
  • What are Moms Saying About GreenEdge Kids?
    on Nov 28, 2011
    GreenEdge Kids has the largest selection of designer eco-friendly brands for both boys and girls, sizes 2-14. We have unique, innovative, designer kid's clothing, but most of all, we have organic children's clothing!You Can Be A GreenEdge Kid TooHere...
  • GreenEdge Kids Denim
    on Nov 28, 2011
    Finally...trendy premium organic jeans are here!GreenEdge Kids has it all!Boy's DenimThe GreenEdge Coast Skinny style is a premium skinny, fitted perfectly for boys, and the grey/black color is great for a change. All of our denim have antique nickel...
  • Start Shopping for the Holidays
    on Nov 28, 2011
    Looking for organic children's clothing?GreenEdge Kids has what you are searching for!We have the largest selection of organic designer childrens' clothing, for boys and girls sizes 2-14. Start shopping now to get what you need for the holidays. Gree...
  • Thanksgiving Is Near!
    on Nov 21, 2011
    Want to have an Eco-friendly Thanksgiving?GreenEdge Kids can show you how!Just follow these steps to make your Thanksgiving Green!1. Reduce the amount of waste you product by buying only as much as you need.2. Use reusable bags while shopping, use cl...