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An enthusiastic foodaholic + An extreme explorer. I am not just going to blog the food you may not.. know in town. I will blog cool entertainment and exciting adventure that you may not even aware of!.. Stay tuned!

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  • Getting from Lombok to Gili Islands
    on Dec 17, 2016 in Lombok ~SOULOUT~
    Before this airport is built, the only way to get to Lombok was from Bali either by air or by boat. Taking a boat from Bali to Lombok is a really horrendous experience because of the long hours on the sea and unexpected sea condition. Gratefully, aft...
  • A Travel Log of having my son as my travel companion to ZhangJiaJie, Changsha, China
    on Dec 14, 2016 in Changsha ~SOULOUT~
    Before you continue to read, I would like to remind you that this is just a travel log of a father and son to a foreign country. There will be no detail description and information about the tourist spots, sightings, prices and schedule. The reason i...
  • The Hare by Sugar On Top, Austin Height
    on Dec 9, 2016 in Johor Bahru ~CHILLOUT~
    Another magnificent cafe has opened at Austin Heights. It is way too many cafes here and the competition is really tough. So for this cafe to be more appealing than the others, they really invested a lot of money with their interior design. It i...
  • Restoran Soon Sin @Permas Jaya
    on Dec 4, 2016 in Johor Bahru ~CHILLOUT~
    Restoran Soon Sin is one of the biggest chain bakuteh restaurant in Johor Bahru. They have quite a lot of branches in Johor Bahru. I made my visit here to understand why it is so famous in Johor Bahru. Besides selling just Bakuteh, they do sell Lei C...
  • Holiday trip to Manila to learn about the history and present of Philippines
    on Sep 5, 2016 in Manila ~CHILLOUT~
    Manila is the capital of Philippines and they have gone through the colonization from the Spanish and American. The worst is the Spanish which until today some of them still hate Spanish even though most of them carries Spanish word in their own name...
  • BBQ Chicken Restaurant, Setapak Central Mall
    on Sep 2, 2016 in Setapak ~CHILLOUT~
    Originated from Korea in September 1995, BBQ Chicken has grown to become the No. 1 franchise brand in Korea. Within four years after its existence, it opened its 1000th outlet in Korea, followed by the world’s first and only Chicken University in 2...
  • Celebrating Mooncake Festival in Genting HighlandsUsually during Mooncake Festival, most of us will choose to celebrate at home with family, relatives or friends. Not to forget to have different kinds of mooncakes on the table and a pot of Chinese tea for sipping while watching the big bright moon.
  • Tribute to 4 Heavenly Kings Show in GentingAaron Kwok, Andy Lau, Leon Lai and Jacky Cheung are known as the 4 Heavenly Kings in Hong Kong entertainment industry. They have made their name during the 80s and 90s and the amazing part is they are still held in awe to this day. The best way to pa...
  • Great Eastern Genting King of the Mountain Carnival a.k.a Viper ChallengeAfter last year's successful event of the Viper Challenge at Genting, this year without any surprises, it has become the most anticipating event of the year! Almost everyone is looking forward for this event organized by Great Eastern and Resort Worl...
  • Shellout Seafood Restaurant, Dataran Sunway Damansara
    on Aug 28, 2016 in Damansara ~CHILLOUT~
    Shellout is one of the seafood restaurant that just serve all their seafood on their table without any plates or bowls. Not just that, you are advised to eat with your bare hands. Yes, this is the well-known which is currently is a trend for seafood...
  • Coffee-ish, Sri Petaling
    on Aug 28, 2016 in Sri Petaling ~CHILLOUT~
    Coffee-ish hidden on the one of the small street in the busy Sri Petaling. You will easily neglected this cafe if you didn't turn your car into this narrow street. Even your phone signal bar will suddenly out of coverage when you are on this street.&...
  • All about the escapade in Pulau Tioman, Pahang
    on Aug 27, 2016 in Pulau Tioman ~FREAKOUT~
    Pulau Tioman is one of the 3 free trade zone islands in Malaysia. The other islands are Langkawi and Labuan. In my opinion, this is the best free trade zone island among all. The reason is because the sea life here are plenty and water is crystal cle...
  • Muzium Diraja (Istana Negara Lama) & Istana Negara
    on Aug 6, 2016 in KL City ~SOULOUT~
    In 1957 which is the independence year of Malaysia, this was the palace for our Yang di-Pertuan Agong (Monarch) and Permaisuri Agong (Queen) until 2011 where they have moved to a new palace which is located in Jalan Duta. With 54 years of history and...
  • Pampas Sky Dining @The Shore Shopping Gallery
    on Jul 11, 2016 in Melaka ~CHILLOUT~
    This is the sky view from The Shore Shopping Gallery which is opened by the end of 2014. This biggest lifestyle-tourism shopping gallery in Malacca is opened by Datuk Tee Eng Ho and this is the tallest building in Malacca as of today.There are two wa...
  • EspressoLab, Mount Austin
    on Jun 22, 2016 in Johor Bahru ~CHILLOUT~
    If you are a coffee lover and looking for a good coffee in JB, stop looking and just search for EspressoLab in your waze app. This is a coffee enthusiast cafe which is very serious in serving the best coffee to people like you. All their beans a...
  • Creamery Boutique Ice Cream, Mount Austin
    on Jun 20, 2016 in Johor Bahru ~CHILLOUT~
    I don't know since when ice cream has becomes the latest hit in Malaysia. A lot of ice cream parlors coming to town. I do not have to mention about the numbers of ice cream parlors in Klang Valley but I will just tell you the total amount of ice crea...
  • Family Chinese Food, Austin Heights
    on Jun 18, 2016 in Johor Bahru ~CHILLOUT~
    Family Chinese Food restaurant is a Chinese cuisine restaurant. Please do not confuse this Chinese cuisine with our Malaysian Chinese cuisine. They are totally different. This restaurant serves cuisine from China. China itself is very huge as we know...
  • Sou Omakase @The Gardens Mall
    on Jun 16, 2016 in The Gardens ~CHILLOUT~
    Lately if you would notice that, Japanese cuisine has got us all lazy. We always facing trouble when the moment their huge and thick menu is putting right in front of us. We are all having the same struggle to choose so in the end a Japanese restaura...
  • The Owl's Cafe, Bukit Jalil
    on Jun 15, 2016 in Bukit Jalil ~CHILLOUT~
    I got to know about The Owl's Cafe through the powerful social media. Some random people shared about this unique cafe in the Facebook and one of my friend just click "LIKE" on it. It is as simple as that. No advertisement fee is required and I got t...
  • Moon Folk Sauna Steamboat, Sri Petaling
    on Jun 12, 2016 in Sri Petaling ~CHILLOUT~
    Sri Petaling is really crowded with restaurants, cafe, ice cream parlors and with many kinds of different cuisines in here. They are all squeezing in one location. It is a food paradise for us but for them, it is like a war zone. I was invited to din...