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TV Writer/Producer. Proud, old-fashioned, 60's-style liberal and left-wing political/satirical blogger. Admitted New York City and restaurant snob, also over-romantically and unrealistically smitten with London and Paris.

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A satiric look at politics from a distinctive left-leaning view; with forays into music and.. daily-life commentary - not nearly as boring, nor an iota as dry, humorless or pretentious as this.. pedestrian description suggests.

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  • We Will Survive – A House Re-Divided
    on Dec 3, 2016
    “At first I was afraid, I was petrifiedKept thinking I could never liveWithout you by my sideBut then I spent so many nightsThinking how you did me wrongAnd I grew strongAnd I learned how to get along”Many decades ago, while still a lad residing...
  • Will’s Last Testament
    on Sep 5, 2016
    “Take me to the riverAnd wash me down.Won't you cleanse my soulPut my feet on the ground?” – Al GreenFor SharonPoint one - before proceeding any further, Will is not, in actuality, this stalwart blogger’s moniker. They call me nycityman. Poin...
  • Presidential Envy – Sizing Up Trump’s Place in History
    on Aug 14, 2016
     “When I was a little bitty boy,My Grandmother bought me a cute little toy,Silver bells hanging on a string,She told me it was my Ding-a-ling”- Chuck BerryToday we return to the glorious yesteryears of this current Presidential campaign...
  • Trump’s Heart of Darkness – the Right’s Favorite Sexual Predator
    on Aug 5, 2016
    “Don't need reasonDon't need rhymeAin't nothin' that I'd rather do.Goin' downParty timeMy friends are gonna be there tooI'm on the highway to Hell.” – AC/DC“Yeah, she’s (Ivanka) really something, and what a beauty, that one. If I weren’t...
  • Conventional Wisdom – Snidely “Donald J.” Whiplash Hates America
    on Jul 29, 2016
    “Heroes and villainsJust see what you’ve done.”Both the Republican and the Democratic Conventions are now in our rear view mirrors, and the contrast could not have possibly been more distinct.  The DNC was a celebration of America. The RNC...
  • A Grudging Acceptance – Trump Channels Goebbels
    on Jul 23, 2016
  • Half a Mike Pence: Legislating Hatred for the Prince of Peace (Redux)
    on Jul 15, 2016
    The Case Against Religion: Argument Number 2,987,425“Indiana wants me,Lord, I can’t go back there.” – R. Dean TaylorHot off the virtual presses, and straight to your favorite blog - that tangerine-tanned titan, that Hair Club for Men Presiden...
  • Somewhere, Under the Sea – Murder at 20,000 Leagues
    on Jul 2, 2016
    A beautiful sight to some, a harbinger of death to others“Happy we’ll be beyond the sea,And never again, I’ll go sailing.” – Jack LawrenceMy best friend is a woman. I am a man. Should these facts be relevant to the tale about to unfold, I a...
  • Top Ten Irrefutable Facts about Donald Trump Supporters
    on Jun 23, 2016
    As is the case with 93 percent of the deceitful declarations by the pro-tem presidential candidate, himself - pro-tem because come July 22nd, the day after the conclusion of the Republican Convention, D.J. Trump will be dust in the wind, extremely lo...
  • The War We Will Never Win - Gun Nuts, the NRA and GOP Wage War on America
    on Jun 13, 2016
    “Man reaps what he sows” – Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in response to the fatal targeting of homosexuals“Need a gift for #FathersDay? How about a gift from the #NRA store?!” – the first NRA tweet after the Orlando MassacreHere we find ours...
  • (2037) The Funeral of Donald Trump – A Futuristic Forecast
    on Jun 4, 2016
    “But you tell me over and over and over again my friendAh, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction” – Barry McGuireI imagine that a cursory glance at this post’s title might lead one to believe something controversial this way comes...
  • Anger Management: The Struggle to Remain Rational in an Irrational Time
    on May 24, 2016
    "... an agenda of fascism and xenophobia, as well as the religious persecution of Muslims through totalitarian policies. This candidate has openly promoted violence against peaceful protesters, and his words have even been considered as possibly ille...
  • “I’ve Built Walls, A Fortress Deep and Mighty”
    on Apr 29, 2016
     A Potential Curmudgeon Goes Full BlownCurmudgeonA Tale of a Miserable SoulThe ominous, blood-red, blinking tally light of the answering machine (yes, I still have one of those); the unexpected lobby buzzer while garbed in p.j.’s and yesterday...
  • Truth or Trump? – America’s Game Show of Consequences
    on Apr 7, 2016
    "Lies, liesI can't believe a word you say.Lies, lies, are gonna make you sad someday."Right up front, an admission of guilt - yes, we have spent (wasted?) far too much blog space on the specious subject matter of “Donald J. Trump: Billionaire Blowh...
  • The World’s Foremost Authority – Trump Is Better Than You
    on Mar 24, 2016
    Admit it, you'd rather see this than the real one“When I was a little boyWay back home in LiverpoolMy mama told me I was greatThen when I was a teenagerI knew that I had got something goingAll my friends told me I was greatAnd now I'm a manA woman...
  • Puppet Man - Trump Makes America Hate Again
    on Mar 3, 2016
    “Baby, baby you know it's trueI'm a puppet just for youI'll do anything you sayI won't have it any other wayTake my heart and take my soulGiving you complete controlIf you wanna see me do my thingPull my string” – Howard GreenfieldDonald Trump...
  • Every Time We Say Goodbye, I Wonder Why a Little
    on Feb 14, 2016
    When a Man Loves a Feline 2"Is that any way for a man to carry onDo you think he wants his little loved one gone?I love you, more than you'll ever knowMore than you'll ever know." - Al KooperThe Sad and Inevitable Conclusion of a Remarkable Relations...
  • I Happen to Like New York – Dissing Cruz’s Dis
    on Jan 24, 2016
    by nycityman“I happen to like New York, I happen to love this townI like the city air, I like to drink of itThe more I see New York, the more I think of itI like the sight and the sound and even the stink of itI happen to like New York” – Cole...
  • In the Air, There’s a Feeling...
    on Dec 31, 2015
    Christmas in the City 2“I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year” - Charles DickensBuon Anno, Feliz Ano Nuevo, Gluchliches Neues Jahr, Bonne Annee and Happy New Year to all,  as we observe that most arbitrary of ev...
  • And Above All the Bustle, You’ll Hear…
    on Dec 27, 2015
    Christmas in the City“… the only time I know of, in the long calendar of the year, when men and women seem by one consent to open their shut-up hearts” – Charles DickensFestive friends, partying pals, and caroling compadres, it’s time again...