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Over the course of my life I have experienced many dry spells and have had to re-invent myself more than once. When I was younger I naively thought that life progressed in a straightforward linearly fashion. I once believed that, just like wine, relationships only got better with age; each job would be better and pay more money than the last; I had all the time in the world, and my life was orderly and under control. But “life” had different ideas. Isn’t that what John Lennon said? “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.” At some point my life starting taking all sorts of interesting twists and turns, certainly not in a straight line or all of them forward, and my concept of being in control went right out the window. Several times I had to ask myself, “Now what?”

Since I have “been there and done that” I feel quite qualified and passionate about helping others get past the stuck places in their lives, eliminate negative thinking patterns and start moving toward the life they want. I spent years living a life I truly didn’t want so I know how it feels to want to be or do something different or but without any idea of how to make that happen. I had many jobs, some of which I loathed and some I barely tolerated. The only ones I ever really liked were those that involved teaching and writing. Even as a child I wanted to be a teacher and after dropping out of college for a few years, I eventually became one. My formal education includes a BFA from the University of Denver, an MA from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and additional graduate work at the University of Phoenix in Denver.

It was not until recent years that I finally found my true calling and became trained for the work I do today. For the past eight years I have had a private stress management practice in Ft. Collins, CO that focuses on helping others overcome negative thinking and the often self-imposed obstacles they believe are holding them back. I have seen (and continue to see) the results of living an unhappy and unfulfilled life, ultimately our greatest source of stress. Countless people feel stuck and dissatisfied just as I once did, with little or no idea about what they truly want or how to get it.

For that reason I was inspired to create a tool for creating a happier life that can be used over and over again for a lifetime for those who sincerely want to start walking down a different path. I spent over a year researching and creating it, and I am happy to make it available to you. The tool is a home-based, self-paced course entitled Taking Control: How to Overcome Limitations and Create a Limitless Life, information about which is available a www.limitlessliving.org

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Are you living the life you want? That’s the purpose of my blog-- to provide useful information.. for everyone who wants to throw off the shackles of self limitation, get past “stuckness,” and.. make the most of their lives.

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