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My name is Hannah, I am 21 and I am currently studying hospitality business at the Glion Institute of Higher Education. I will graduate in 1.5 year but until then, I have decided to create this blog and develop a community around the themes of “travelling”, “networking”, “support”, and “fun”.

I am half French and half German and have been living in Switzerland for 2 years. I have quite an international background thanks to my family: I have lived in Prague, Czech Republic, for 7 years and then moved to Paris, France, until my 18th birthday. Since I am a child I have travelled a lot and discovered many places around the world, this is why this blog idea seemed natural and obvious to share my experiences. Nowadays when I want to go “home” I spend my time between Paris, Brussels, Prague and Bulle, which can be confusing but with some organization, everything works.

At the Glion Institute of Higher Education, we can find more than 80 different nationalities. The students come from all over the world and when they arrive to study in Switzerland for the first time, they may feel disoriented, lost or lonely. Moreover, they have to adapt themselves to the Swiss lifestyle and rules, which can be more or less tough, depending on your background. When new students arrive on campus (in Bulle or in Glion), the school’s role is to help them feel that they are welcomed and supported. The staff has to be there whenever the students need it and previous students’ have to make the new students feel “home”. The “Glion Spirit” is well known and can be defined thanks to 3 key words: solidarity, network and friendship.
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LYA is about a travelling lifestyle, sharing addresses, discovering the world together.Students,.. young adults, travellers, globe trotters, curious people:this blog is for YOU

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