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This is practically a diary for me, just I'm funny brutally honest and have plenty of awkward.. situations to share. I really want to get my blog out there so people can give my feedback and.. advice and possibly learn for my idiotic decisions.

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  • The Mean GirlsSo there are five of them in total, Steph, Tia, Britney, Sarah, and Stacey (note: still code names). They all have their nice moments when they're by themselves (on occasions) but together they combine into one huge gigantic force of bitch power. As...
  • Catch UpSo since I'm practically just making this an online diary, you're gonna want to know the basic situation of my life. As I've said before I've lived internationally for 6 years (3 here{a secret location}+3 in Australia), I'm in 9th grade with 53 other...
  • Welcome to my Emotional Outlet :)So welcome to my emotional outlet. Some people have diaries, play sports, have trustworthy friends or actually know how to express their feelings, but I have a blog. And considering the rest of my life, a blog is actually quite normal. Now I'm not on...

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