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  • Origin of the Trulli
    on Feb 16, 2010
    I understand that the Trulli found in the heel of Italy started as shelters in the Olive and wine growing areas. Recent archaeological discoveries show that the area where Trulli are found has been inhabited since Neolithic times.This was around the1...
  • The Old the New and the Ug
    on Feb 14, 2010
    I have nothing against block work. It is inexpensive and when well pointed and possibly painted it can be very effective. However there is a time and place for everything. I saw this hillside on my way to the job in the South of Italy. Here these blo...
  • Standing Stone in Crieff Scotland
    on Feb 10, 2010
    This standing stone near my home town is all that remains of a 2000 year old circle . Farmers have removed the other stones over the years. I am just back from Italy and next week I will start my report about the area of Trulli, amazing pointed house...
  • Winter
    on Jan 27, 2010
    These shots from Dean Mclellan in Canada show what many wallers have to put up with at this time of year in cold places. The first one was the problem last year with a huge fall of snow, the second one is this year with very low temperatures. Dean an...
  • More from Daniel's garden
    on Jan 20, 2010
    Another shot from the garden I helped with last year in Switzerland.Next entry on 26th.
  • Steps in Brittany
    on Jan 13, 2010
    I was asked to build a set of steps for a client and to add a wheelbarrow ramp. This was the result, strangely the cat uses the ramp to go up and down but suns herself on the steps. The second photo shows how stonework can be so enhanced by the addit...
  • Bridge Opening
    on Jan 6, 2010
    I was priveledged to attend the public opening of a dry stone bridge in Russell Ontario built by John Shaw-Rimmington and a group under his direction. The ceremony was attended by many of the citizens and was a great occasion with entertaining speach...
  • Happy New Year and Happy New Decade
    on Jan 1, 2010
    All the best to everyone associated with the world of Rocks. May 2010 be up to and beyond your expectations.This photo was taken as I sent my letter to Santa last week and he must have received it as I got what I asked for. Next entry on 5th January...
  • Daniel Mettier's Garden
    on Dec 29, 2009
    This photo from Switzerland shows how corbelling can be used for many purposes. Here there is a comfortable seat, a space for a watering can with a tap above and of course an alcove for the wine which will help the picnic go well.
  • Merry Christmas
    on Dec 24, 2009
    Instead of a Christmas card I want to share this photo with all of you out there . Scott George from Brockport NY in USA built this tree in stone along with some help from Dan Pearl. I think it is just wonderful especially as the Big person up there...
  • Round and Flat
    on Dec 20, 2009
    Master craftsman Andy Loudon works mainly in Cumbria in Northern England where much of the rock is very flat bedded slate. His pinnacle award garden which I posted on 22nd May showed his use of this type of stone. This photo shows how he deals with...
  • Dan Pearl's First Wall
    on Dec 16, 2009
    I was sent this photo recently showing a wall built by a student from USA, following his attendance at this years Dry Stone Festival in Canada. Dan clearly followed the guidance he was given very carefully, he built an A frame, used stings from it ca...
  • Stargate
    on Dec 12, 2009
    My son Duncan and I recently rebuilt an end which required a solid support and we were asked to incorporate a feature. We had seen several moongates which are large enough to walk through. We decided to do a Stargate . Here it is.On 16th December I w...
  • Foundations
    on Dec 8, 2009
    This photo shows what happens to a build where the foundations are not dug deeply enough or have possibly been undermined. It appears that the wall on the right of the picture has sunk into the ground along with the steps which are beginning to tilt...
  • Fireplace
    on Dec 4, 2009
    Scott George from the USA has sent me this photo of one of his recent creations. Although Scott is a fireman by trade he does some lovely work in dry stone just for fun. I think with our profession, most of us do it as much for the delight of buildin...
  • Audience
    on Nov 30, 2009
    Tracey Blackwell working in Yorkshire sent me these photos of an interested group of spectators . One of them was particularly friendly and clearly wanted the star treatment. I had a similar supporter a few years ago . 13D would race and skip across...
  • Neat work
    on Nov 26, 2009
    This wall, round pillar and steps were sent to me by Canadian waller Evan Oxland. Evan is currently in the UK studying traditional garden landscaping at Bristol. What a fine combination, his ability with dry stone and the knowledge of the planting in...
  • Walls on Lanzarote
    on Nov 13, 2009
    Dry stone walls can be created with almost any type of rock. On the canary Islands the locals often face building with and on volcanic rock. In the dry climate of Lanzarote it is essential to capture and if possible retain what little rain is avail...
  • Competition Winner With fire arch
    on Nov 7, 2009
    The recent DSWAC competition for the best outdoor fire-place was won by Stephen Nevin of Oakville Ontario with this fine construction which combines form and function very neatly.For more information about Steve's work contact
  • DSWAC Rocktober festival 2
    on Oct 27, 2009
    In addition to the Black house , three training courses were run during the first two days. What was unusual about these was that they showed completely different styles of walling. This was a excellent idea as it demonstrated to the trainees and eve...