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takles for children ,puzzles ,stories ,poems , news scientific love ,hate the hater, open mind ,for.. brave ,more intelligent

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Other Tags: tales for children, poems, stories, puzzles, good character

tales ,stories ,poems for love ,love for God peace ,honest ,faith,

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Other Tags: love for you, love for God, poems, honest, faith

3 - unsuccess

unsuccess, to overlap sad ,increase courage , face the life ,look at the life with good look

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Other Tags: unsuccess, for advanced in life, love life, hope

poems ,stories tales, puzzles, شعرية ونثرية نقد وحكايات وقصص

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Marriage and spinsterhood, socialism, talk about the problem of family ,advanced to love of.. individual ,invite to establish the family

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Other Tags: Marriage and spinsterhood, social, love ,peace, worship the God

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  • The thief 19
    on Sep 13, 2014
         The king cried “my eyes , my eyes”The two jinn tied his two pigtails with a dived ship. When he tried to get up the ship hurt him at his back. He got down again the two jinn “the ugly ,the thief friend” covered the ki...
  • The thief 18
    on Sep 1, 2014
        He fell down to the land, and tried to avoid hurting his friend. The queen laughed as the thunder waves .They thought that those high stars were transported from their places. The queen spread her hair and took both of them, liftin...
  • the thief 17
    on Aug 15, 2014
          The king and the two friendsOne of jinn who is called “The ugly jinn” knew the story from the beginning. So, he wanted to help the two friends. He said to himself " Oh! He knew that guy" he approached and he found him h...
  • The thief 16
    on Aug 15, 2014
        The facing‘Now can you face me and my team .my honest prime minister and my lovely wife “the jinn’s queen. Who dares to face us?. Who dares to face our kingdom? . he will be nothing.’They looked at each others “the thief and h...
  • The thief 15
    on Aug 10, 2014
       The facing of the jinn queen "b"She called her big minister who entered.The jinn looked at the died and burned witch saying " Oh! Poor woman .if you wait for a while ,you may get your wish .but all of you ‘mankind’ was created of hur...
  • the thief 14
    on Aug 3, 2014
      The facing the jinn queen "2""I am the queen's assistance, the prime minister of the red kingdom and the prime minister of the world king in the future" The jinn aidShe said "you mean that when you beat the other kingdoms"He said "yes of...
  • the thief 13
    on Jul 9, 2014
       Facing the witchThe witch went with great scream kidnapped all hearts from their chests. Her assistances followed her making sudden and strong waves, taking off the windows and the doors. The clothes may be torn or slipped. After a while...
  • the thief 12
    on Jul 4, 2014
     The palace reaching 2The jinn said to his friend "I do not believe that .How can we dive so easy? I don't believe my eyes"The thief said "why does he swim so faster than the lightening. He must be away from our land and dived so deeper than ima...
  • The thief 11
    on Jul 3, 2014
       the deceiverThey stopped facing her and said "would you do what we want?"The fish said "What do you want?"The jinn said to the thief "Order her with clear and prompt voice."The thief said in clear and loud sound" we want to reach to whal...
  • The thief 10
    on Jul 2, 2014
    The trickAfterwards the jinn left the thief and went to his business .the thief called" Sana, sana,sana". He waited silent without movement. His eyes were gazed at the sea waiting the whale coming. The sea was settle .the waves were moved a...
  • The thief 9
    on Jul 1, 2014
       The three phenomenon" bThen he heard the same voice "Fell to the earth again please and be silent as you could. If you don't you will be lost"The same words were be heard by the wise at his meeting end. He stayed with...
  • the thief 8
    on Jun 30, 2014
       The sea shoreThe thief said" then tell me road to reach to the jinn king .Tell me the easy method to be in the witch's home .I will be very grateful .I will remind your favor for ever with great thankful."The wise said" oh! There is one...
  • The thief 7
    on Jun 26, 2014
     The swirlThe swirl jinn said" yes, yes ask me your want"The thief said" not -much, not alot. But if you could give me that force of the swirl upon the earth"The swirl jinn said" that's only your demand .That is easy.  I'll give it you. I c...
  • The thief 6
    on Jun 26, 2014
          The negotiationThe thief said" if you get a reward .A prize for saving that smart princess. First, what is that? .Second, what is my portion of that reward?" The thief said: "Say what do you want?"He said:" two piles of gold"The...
  • The thief 5
    on Jun 25, 2014
     The missionThe king said:" let us do a plane, and make a deal to be done. The thief said "my manner is so bad, so let me to have a bath, and I will return to you in a less time and I will not be late"The king said: "take your bath. Change every...
  • The thief 4
    on Jun 25, 2014
       He said "that ugly face marries that smart, that stupid mind marries that intelligent and that negligible marries that important. That's no way that's false .The wise man does not believe that. But I can't bear one's demands to help and...
  • The thief 3
    on Jun 25, 2014
       She heard that guy who quarreledWith witch woman at loudHe said:" you have deceived meYou promised meThat we will be marriedOn a short time without anyLate or any change of a planeThat we decided in our mindWhy don't I findA solve or lig...
  • The thief 2
    on Jun 14, 2014
      The princess looked at her faceThat became red and filled with fearThe princess said:" why did you this worst thing?Why did you convert their fathers to be nothing? They can't move or talk or even thinkYou made them fill of  los...
  • The thief 1
    on Jun 13, 2014
             He looked at her faceThe old woman still calledShe called with high voiceShe looked at the princess’ faceShe saw her tearsShe asked "why are these tears"She said "you want him to stay"And not be arrested...
  • The old woman
    on Jun 12, 2014
      The old woman was walking .she was carrying a heavy load. She tried to transport it to her home .She said to herself "a lot has gone ,and the rest is the few"She walked slowly. She walked so slow when she is alone, carrying no load. What...

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