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This is for all the girls who have to deal with being a girl. It is for every size and from every angle. My name is Julie. My size? I’ll tell you as soon as I work up the guts to step onto a scale. For now, my size can be determined by your size; we are the same. You will find me confident at times, insecure, happy, sad, PMS-y, girly, stand-offish, but above all, I promise to always be honest and in the moment. I am an average girl, and like you, I am just looking for a place to fit in. I wish for this to be that place. Let this be a place where girls of every size can come together and find common ground. I will discuss in blatant honesty the laments of my heart and I hope, in time, you will do the same. Together we will laugh and cry our way to life’s perfect size, which we will find, is every size.

I love hearing from you! If you have questions, concerns, comments or just need advice on beauty tips for regular gals, hit me up on Twitter @CurveyJulie or shoot me an email:
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