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A blog about leading a dance team as a lieutenant, recovering from anorexia, baking, DIY's, and.. photography

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  • Thoughtful Thursday: Self Love
    on Aug 15, 2013
    I journal every day. My therapist gave me an exercise for a week- write down at least three accomplishments for that day. I started this, and at first it was really difficult, but after a while I noticed things. They don't have to be big, but simply...
  • After Pool Party
    on Aug 14, 2013
    I'm feeling a lot of things right now.ContentProudRelievedAngryUpsetThe party went well- I am so relieved!! I really really really didn't want to get wet, but Lexi pulled me in and then the guys all started splashing us -.- I told myself It doesn't m...
  • We're Still Alive!
    on Aug 13, 2013 in officer learn wisdom dance Elite
    I'm still alive AND on Elite! *Whew!!*At our meeting, my captain told me that I need to step back and stop giving so many corrections. Looking back at what I was doing, I agree with her. I grew up being yelled at in dance and getting a thousand corre...
  • Thoughtful Thursday: DedicationQuestions:1. What are some of your dreams?2. What is stopping you from chasing these dreams?3. What do you think of when you read this quote?
  • Getting Back Into a RoutineOh my goodness, I can't believe how long it's been since I've written! July has been insane- my family and I took a loooooong road trip up the east coast to New York, I've been getting everything together for dance camp, and preparing myself to retur...
  • Girls' Camp 2013- Oh, the Places You'll Go!I've been kind of lazy lately when it comes to blogging, but two weeks ago, I went to Girls' Camp! Every year, my church holds a camp for the young women (ages 12-17). Simply put, we have an amazing camp director. (Her blog is here) However...
  • Thoughtful Thursday: Body ImageI'm going to start a new weekly post with a quote, picture, or other another inspiring something based on a subject. Go on and think or journal about it- this has been helping me sort out my thoughts a lot lately in therapy and life.Questions:1. What...
  • Officer Camp
    on Jun 21, 2013
    Officer Camp was torture. Like when-is-this-going-to-end-because-if-it-doesn't-I-might-die torture. Let me list off some of the wonderful things I had to deal with at camp for you.I used to spend weekends upon weekends there (at the Galleria) fo...
  • My Experience with Anorexia: Part 3
    on Jun 7, 2013
    Where we left things off, I had just been diagnosed and was told that I would have to go off to rehab in another state.Amanda gave my parents a list of the best facilities and sent us home to research them. We had three days. My mom mostly did the re...
  • Perfect Sugar Cookies
    on Jun 1, 2013
    I love sugar cookies. Well, any cookie, to be honest. I have possibly the biggest anorexic sweet tooth in the world. Anyways, this recipe is my absolute favorite and you can do so many variations on it. I love it and I'm pretty certain you will, too!
  • Rusting Walls and Old Factories
    on May 27, 2013
    Another free day, another photo shoot! This time my beautiful model, Lexi, and I went down to the old Imperial sugar factory. (Where Sugar Land gets its name) It was rather hot, but we survived :) ...
  • Acrylics and Scenic Walks on a Sunday Afternoon
    on May 26, 2013
    It's Sunday afternoon, I have a 12-foot board cut into 10 painting-sized rectangles, and lots of paint. What does that mean? A family painting day, of course!! I had to beg a little and do some convincing, but eventually I got everyone in the same ro...
  • Grace
    on May 26, 2013
    This is my latest painting, which has a lot of significance for me.During a particularly enlightening, although rough, therapy session, I did some experiential work with cards. What I came up with was how I want to experience life. This is what it lo...
  • My Experience With Anorexia: Part 2
    on May 23, 2013
    This post is about my diagnosis experience. If you haven't read my first post on this, please go and do so, because this one starts at where the other left off.The dietitian's office was full of soft colors. With two warm yellow couches filled with p...
  • Strawberry Banana Green Smoothie
    on May 20, 2013
    Strawberry Banana Green SmoothieI love a good smoothie. They're so refreshing and light and sweet, I just can't resist! This is one of my go-to recipes, and often I'll add spinach, kale, peanut butter, or honey, depending on what I feel like. I'll al...
  • Art on a Whim
    on May 20, 2013
    So lately I've felt a need to indulge in some art and creativity. This weekend, since I don't have a lot of money, (more like none!) I decided I was going to find a way to paint on a budget. So what else could I do?I went to the dollar store.That's r...
  • My Experience with Anorexia: Part 1
    on May 13, 2013
    My first slice of pizza in a LONG time.. I can't quite believe how far I've come in just a year.My struggle with anorexia began before I can remember. It manifested itself in several different ways over the years, from depression to purging-type anor...
  • Wildflowers and Old Green Chairs
    on May 12, 2013
    So I've been driving around lately looking for some good photo locations because I LOVE going on random photoshoots with my friends. I found this field full of beautiful, tall,yellow flowers that just glowed. I had to take Lexi. So I told her to grab...
  • Finally an Officer!
    on May 12, 2013
    BIG news!!!! Last week I tried out for a dance officer position on Elkins Elite and... drum roll, please... I made it!!Me and Lauryn- we're cute. I'm now a junior lieutenant along with two other juniors, Michelle and Lauryn, and our senior...