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The blog has posts about everyday things in your life. The blog includes fitness advice, cooking.. tips, fashion trends, activities and more that will make your life better :)

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PacSun deals is a blog all about PacSun deals, products, reviews, and more!

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  • Blogilates SnowBunny Blast!
    on Dec 8, 2015 in Blogilates Cardio fitness HIT workout
    Loving this total body workout!A great way to get in shape and get a good sweat in less than 30 minutes!
  • 6 Minute Booty Workout
    on Jun 20, 2015 in booty fitness workout
    Blogilates has been a favorite of mine for a while!Cassey has some great moves to lift and make your booty stronger (sounds weird, I know!).These moves really work and I have seen insane difference by doing it only for a month.It's only 6 minutes, an...
  • Urban Decay Smokey Eye Palette
    on Jun 20, 2015 in beauty makeup naked smokey Summer
              As many probably know, Urban Decay has the new Naked Palette coming out!SMOKEYI am so beyond excited! Is anyone picking it up to once it's available?
  • Honoring my GrandmotherThree nights ago, I lost someone who meant the world to me. My grandmother lost her battle to peritoneal cancer after 2.5 years. She was more than just my grandma, she was one of my best friends. She raised me to be the person I am today and I wil...
  • EASY Memorial Day Recipes That Everyone Will Love!AMAZING APPETIZERSAntipasto Salad=Shrimp SalsaGrandma's Potato SaladMAGNIFICENT MAIN DISHESSalsa Verde BurgerCrunchy Lemonade ChickenArgentinean-Style Grilled Short Ribs with ChimichurriDECADENT DESSERTSSkillet S'moresRed, White and Blueberry TrifleF...
  • Get a Great Booty in Time for Summer!I have been doing this workout for the past week and I have already seen great results! Stay tuned for more easy workouts to help you get in the best shape for Summer!
  • Mardi Gras is right around the corner!
    on Feb 27, 2014
    Last year I had my first Mardi Gras encounter and guess what.....I'M DOING IT AGAIN!This weekend I will be headed to New Orleans to get down and crazy and just enjoy myself for the best festivities of the year. Parades, beads, Hand Grenade drinks, Ca...
  • I'm Back!
    on Feb 27, 2014
    Hey guys,I have taken a long break recently and I apologize. I have started my second semester at Louisiana State University and the first semester bogged me down with classwork, a job and joining a business fraternity. This semester I am a Marketing...
  • Lollapalooza 2013
    on Jul 30, 2013
    This weekend marks the dates that Lollapalooza will be going on in Grant Park. Chicago is going to be a mob scene! Lollapalooza offers music for every type of music lover. There's indie bands, rock bands, DJ's, folk music, hip hop, the list goes on.W...
  • Sexy Legs for Summer
    on May 30, 2013
    From TribeSports, I found this great workout for sexy legs. I tried it today and legs feel great! After 12 hours, my legs already feel stronger from doing this in the morning. I want my legs to look great for summer, and this is the workout...
  • Clothing Brand of the Week: Free People
    on May 23, 2013
    Free People is the first featured clothing brand of the week!Free People is known for its boho chic style and free spirited clothing.Free People started out in Philadelphia and turned into Urban Outfitters, with the opening of its second store.After...
  • How to Beat the Heat this Summer
    on May 20, 2013
    The summer is full of fun, but when faced with very hot temperatures we face some problems. Having to cool down, being lazy and the worst: sunburns. I have some ways that you can have a great summer while beating the heat!1. Use SunscreenThis ma...
  • 5 Great Ways to Take Travel Pictures
    on May 19, 2013
    Tired of going on vacation and taking the same pictures over and over again? Want to have all your friends be in awe of your great photos? Here are some ways to take creative travel pictures that will make your trip more memorable. 1. Hold On!Lo...
  • Summer is Coming!
    on May 7, 2013
    The best time of the year is right around the corner...SUMMER!Not sure what to do this summer?Here's a few ideas.1. Go to the beachThere are so many things to do at the beach...and it's usually cheap! You can go swimming, work on your tan, have a pic...
  • Jolly Rancher Vodka
    on May 4, 2013
    Want to add some flavor to your drinks?Jolly Rancher Vodka tastes great and is simple to make!Materials:1. A liter of Vodka2. Jolly Ranchers (12 of each color, 60 total)3. Flasks for the vodkaSteps:1. Choose which flask will be each flavor. The flavo...
  • Get Great Abs for Summer!
    on May 3, 2013
    I found a great workout for getting your abs in better shape, which is great with Summer right around the corner.Every workout needs a proper warm up. Warm up for about 5 minutes doing any type of exercise that will get your heart rate up (running, b...
  • Great Summer DIY Shorts
    on May 3, 2013
    I came across this video the other day, and absolutely want to do this. You can do it with any colors, really, it does not have to be rainbow. It's so easy, cheap and perfect for summer!Personally, I'm going to try pink, yellow and blue. I'll post pi...
  • Fun Summer Recipes
    on May 1, 2013
    I stumbled across a few great recipes for the Summer.1. Fruit PopsSlice strawberries, pineapple or any fruit and place a few pieces in a Popsicle mold, then fill with the purée.
  • Seize Today
    on May 1, 2013
    Seize Today is a blog I started to share information with people about the best ways to spend their days and better themselves. I will post activities to do as well as fashion tips, cooking tips, fitness tips, celebrity news and more. The blog will f...

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