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A Blog for the discussion of Classic Cocktails and Tiki Drinks, as well as liquor and bartending.. tool reviews.

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  • Cyber Monday 2010!!
    on Nov 29, 2010 in Site
    Alright folks, maybe you missed the Black Friday sale… man, that thing was pretty darned good too.  But I understand!  You’re not in your usual browsing location, maybe you spent the day in a food coma, or perhaps your fingers were too...
  • Black Friday Sale! 35% off everything!
    on Nov 26, 2010 in Site
    It’s the holidays, time to deal with family, cooking up a storm, setting up the kids table… couldn’t we all use a big ol’ bowl of punch to retreat to? There are two things you’re going to want. 1. A copy of David Wondric...
  • Tiki Now! From Tales of the Cocktail 2010
    on Oct 25, 2010 in Events video
    Hey there folks, you might have been there, you might not have been there, but whether it’s a memory or a regret for not being there, I thought I’d post this video of my Tiki Now! seminar. Big ol’ thanks to Ann and the crew for lett...
  • Blacklit
    on Oct 23, 2010 in Drinks Events Recipes Tiki Drinks
    It’s been a great time here in sunshiney Portland, welcoming in some of the greatest bartenders and imbibulous personalities in the cocktail realm for the first Portland Cocktail Week. I had the great opportunity to be part of a bartending team...
  • Cocktail submitteratrix contest… over?
    on Sep 30, 2010 in Events
    Not hardly likely. A few good submissions, and plenty of great submissions… you know, let’s keep this gravy train going.  Heck, lets up the ante. The deadline will now be extended to midnight, the evening of Friday, Oct. 15th. Prizes now...
  • Event in Eugene Rained out!
    on Sep 17, 2010 in Events
    Well, it’s part in parcel of living in the Pacific Northwest.  Due to a few more inches of rain than was normally expected, the dinner at Marché Provisions this Saturday has been cancelled, to be rescheduled for sunnier climes. The good news&...
  • Mi Deh Yah
    on Sep 10, 2010 in Falernum Recipes Recipes
    1 ½ oz DonQ Añejo rum ½ oz Trader Tiki’s Falernum ½ oz Fresh Lemon Juice dash Aromatic Bitters Shake with ice and strain into a small cocktail glass. Garnish with an allspice berry.
  • Tiki Oasis 10th Anniversary Punch1 oz Rhum JM VSOP 1 oz Zaya rum 1 oz strong Darjeeling tea 1 oz fresh lime juice .25 oz Demerara simple syrup (optional/to taste) .5 oz Trader Tiki Cinnamon Syrup .5 oz Trader Tiki Vanilla Syrup For a single serving, mix together with ice. For a crow...
  • Fluff Punch8 parts Appleton V/X 3 parts Lime juice 2 parts Orange Juice 2 parts Trader Tiki’s Don’s Mix 1 part Trader Tiki’s Falernum Mix in a large punchbowl with ice to chill, and ladle over more ice to serve.  Garnish with a slice of lim...
  • Cobra’s Fang• ½ oz Lime Juice • ½ oz Falernum • ½ oz Orange Juice • ¼ oz Passion Fruit Syrup • ½ oz Dark Jamaican Rum • ½ oz 151 proof Demerara Rum • 1 dash Bitters • 1 dash Grenadine • 4 shredded mint leaves Flashblend quickly in a blend...
  • Cocktail submitteratrix contest!
    on Aug 31, 2010 in Site
    Okay, maybe it’s not that fancy, however… I’m on the hunt for some great recipes using the syrups.  Recipes to be shared with the world, and for inclusion in the first Trader Tiki promotional recipe book, which will be coming up...
  • September 2010 events!
    on Aug 30, 2010 in Events
    Hey there folks, if you live in Oregon, and like my stuff and great drinks, it’s a good thing, because I’m all over the place this month!  Well, in two places, but I cover North and South(ish) Oregon.  If you don’t live in oregon...
  • Hula Hoop1.5 oz Cruzan Light Rum .5 oz Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum 1 oz Blue Curacao 1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice .75 oz Trader Tiki Ginger Syrup .25 oz St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram .25 oz Trader Tiki Orgeat 2 oz Club Soda Shake all ingredients except Club Soda over ice...
  • The Devils Own
    on Aug 27, 2010 in Recipes Vanilla Syrup Recipes
    1.5 oz Zaya .5 oz Fernet Branca .25 oz Gran Gala 1 tsp Trader Tiki’s Vanilla Syrup Stir with ice and strain into a coupe that has been rinsed with absinthe (I use Pernod here). Add a twist of lemon and discard the peel (no garnish). Jason Schif...
  • Tiki Oasis!
    on Aug 21, 2010 in Events
    Hey there you fine folks, I’m just hanging out here in the wonderful weather with a few hundred of my favorite people on the planet at Tiki Oasis. If you’re in the San Diego area, be sure to drop by tomorrow August 22nd from 10-4pm at the...
  • Hey Shopkeep!
    on Jun 30, 2010 in Site
    Calling all Tiki troops! How would you like for your local store to carry Trader Tiki’s Exotic Syrups? Have you gone in, looked for them on the shelf and left in a combination of anger and disgust? Are you still using some corn syrup crap with...
  • New Products!
    on Jun 28, 2010 in Site
    If you haven’t browsed around the site, or aren’t following my on twitter or facebook, you may have missed mention of some of the new products released as of June 2010, and shipping now! Passion Fruit Syrup – Brought to the market b...
  • Tiki Week Bonanza!
    on May 5, 2010 in Site
    Hey there folks! Well, it’s no international holiday, but I just decided in the count-down to a certain special day in my life (of which I’ve had far too many *cough*), I’d kick off a little giveaway sale here at  E...
  • King JulepIt’s Derby time once again.  Now, this won’t be the first time I’ve discussed the Mint Julep, and certainly won’t be the last.  It’s such an iconic and classic drink, in some cases argued to pre-date the cocktail.  I...
  • Tiki Night at Teardrop, Sunday April 18th 2010
    on Apr 15, 2010 in Events Teardrop Tiki Menu
    Hey there all you Pacific Northwest Tikiphiles (and those willing to travel) This Sunday is another Tiki Night at Teardrop Lounge! Featuring some of your favorite tropical drinks from times past and present! The menu is below. Trader Tiki’s syr...