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Who is MJM...well let me ask the voices in my head.

I am someone who likes to laugh, and someone who does not take life too seriously.

I am someone who enjoys being heard, making people smile and engaging in conversations and debates about topics I'm passionate about.

There is no rhyme or reason to my ramblings, there is no method to my madness. I write for fun and for the entertainment of the people who are not uptight and/or not afraid to have a good time.

My writings are a collection of short stories, random thoughts and other forms of various insanities. Check them out and let me know what you think.
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An inmates take on the world...and its people. Please check your sanity at the door and hang your.. straightjacket in the closet...now let's have some good old fashioned deranged fun.

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Other Tags: Humor, Insane, Funny, Joke, Gross

If you've ever been beaten up for liking it, lost out on relationships for enjoying it and/or.. looked down upon for partaking in it, you'll find it here. If it's considered.. nerdy...it's us.

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Other Tags: Nerd, Geek, Humor, Video Games, Comics

A place for Christians to openly discuss topics and issues that weigh heavily on their soul, all the.. while doing so in a loving and respectful manner. I'm not a holy roller, I'm not a bible.. thumper, I'm just a man trying to live right.

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Other Tags: God, Jesus, Christianity, Religion, Love

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  • “Buzz Kill: Looking at Life through a Pair of Beer Goggles”
    on Jun 9, 2016
    We are going to be discussing addicts, alcoholics in particular, and not in an adorable Disney style fairytale kind of way either, but more of a “Dateline: To Catch an Alcoholic” kind of way. Needless to say it’s going to get a little messy in...
    on Mar 14, 2016
    “Holy shit on a shingle, Batman”! Guess what, party people? I have a very special guest up in my crib today. The up-and-coming rapper from the Bronx, which is in NY (better recognize), has stopped by The Insane Asylum to share a little bit about...
  • “Nerdy by Nature: Deadpool, The Walking Dead and Call of Duty”
    on Feb 22, 2016
    First things first, here are my credentials and why you should listen to me as if I was Charles Manson and you one of my family.I’ve been a nerd since as far back as I can remember. Sported superhero underoos and PJs once I was out of diapers, and...
  • “Stop, Drop and Hop or Come in and Stay a While?”
    on Feb 16, 2016
    There are two kinds of people when it comes to using the crapper, and I’m not talking about the public one here, because hopefully no one uses those cesspools unless absolutely necessary. I’m talking about your own personal porcelain potty.You ha...
  • “When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Crying?”I'm sick and tired of hearing all this crap from Cam Newton! He’s trying to justify his actions in regards to how he handled things during the post-game press conference for Superbowl 50. We won’t even touch on how he was acting on the field duri...
  • “I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night and Party (with Karina Kantas) Every Day”
    on Sep 8, 2015
    Hello out there all you donkey kicking mo’ fuggers out there in cyberspace! First off, thank you so very much for stopping by “The Nerdy Side of Life” blog, you all freaking rock and I greatly appreciate it. Secondly, please welcome my very spe...
  • “Jesus Christ Socialist”
    on Sep 6, 2015
    Hello all you party people out there in cyberspace, I have great news for you; today you get a break from me and all my inane ramblings. First off, thank you for visiting The Insane Asylum, now sit back, get comfortable and please welcome my very spe...
  • “#AllLivesMatter”
    on Aug 28, 2015
    For some this may be a bitter pill to swallow, and even not the most politically correct thing to say, but nevertheless it is true and needs to be addressed.If the only time you speak up against a racial injustice is when the victim has the same colo...
  • “(Republican) Party Over Here”
    on Aug 7, 2015
    The first GOP debate for the Republican Presidential race 2016 is in the record books, and if you ask me, all it did was further strengthen the stereotype that most Republicans are nothing more than white Christian males who want to do what’s best...
  • “Our World”
    on Jul 22, 2015
    I don't want to be a grown-up; I want to be a kid again, and not because I want to play with my favorite toy(s) and/or relive fond past memories of when I was child, but rather because this world of ours seems so very bleak and miserable, and only ge...
  • “…And Now for the Entertainment News”
    on Jul 10, 2015
    Since Hollywood doesn’t seem to have an original thought left in its head, they decided to start a new genre and to see where it goes from there.Please welcome horror porn into the mix! Honestly most horror movies are only a few naked women away fr...
  • “TLC: The Lunatic Channel”
    on May 31, 2015
    TLC, The Learning Channel? I’m not really sure what one is supposed to be “learning” while watching the nonsense that this network broadcasts, other than the fact that the more outside of the realm of a normal health family you are, the better...
  • “Genetically Mutated, Undead Super-Humans on a Plane? When Sharks Fly!”
    on May 27, 2015
    Welcome to the world of “Sky Sharks”…what is that you ask, well read on and all your questions will be answered, and then some.We all know that Jaws made you afraid to go into the water; well these high-flying beasts who come equip with rows of...
  • “Mother”
    on May 22, 2015
    Mother’s Day has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still celebrate our mothers, especially mine because she is the bomb diggity and the best mother ever…just saying.We all know they totally deserve all the love, attention and...
  • “Quiet Riot”
    on Apr 28, 2015
    Quiet Riot, no this isn't about the heavy metal band, but rather about what happens to the underlying  message when people, and I use that term loosely, decide to riot. It becomes quiet and unfortunately lost within all the chaos and destruction...
  • “Give You Head”
    on Apr 22, 2015
    No this isn’t one of those porno pieces, sorry to burst your bubble, so zip up your pants and put away the lotion.You’re getting head here that is for sure, but unfortunately it’s not the kind of head you were hoping for, it’s the kind that i...
  • “Dirty Rats Using Garbage Suck”
    on Apr 8, 2015
    I can’t stand drug addicts, and this includes alcoholics, because I personally think they are wasting the most precious gift that any of us could ever ask for, which of course is life.There are so many people fighting to survive, battling some unfo...
  • “Monsters”
    on Apr 8, 2015
    There's an evil worse than zombies, werewolves and vampires combined, and it walks amongst us in plain sight, and even hides right in front of our eyes. This isn't the plot for some big budget Hollywood Summer blockbuster, but rather the unfortunate...
  • “Drugs”
    on Apr 4, 2015
    As if what we had wasn’t already bad enough, over time they have dangerously evolved from what they once were; on top of the more recognizable ones such as crack, heroine and LSD (just to name a few), we now have synthetic drugs (cannabinoids/cathi...
  • “The War Within”
    on Apr 2, 2015
    I believe in God, and I have no doubt that He is looking down on us with despair in his heart, especially when it comes to things like the “Religious Freedom Bill”, which is basically just a license to hate in His name.When I hear of such things...