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I am 49 as of yesterday and next year I'll be the BIG 50, half a century. They say life begins a forty but don't know about that? My life began as soon as my feet hit the ground.
So as I sit her contemplating all the stuff in my life I wondered what path this next year will take? What will happen over the coming year as I approach the big five O?
I have never before documented my life in the form of a diary or reflective journal. I suppose there is a first time for everything. I will try to write as clearly as I can but dear readers, if there turn out to be any? Please not that I am dyslexic so I tend to, from time to time, get mucking fuddled.
I never notice my typo's until they are pointed out. I have cocked up many things with bad spelling. I used to doing written work only to find I've missed loads of stuff out.
I used to think I was a bit thick when I was younger. Shame really because I am definitely not !
I am like most dyslexics quite the opposite. I am intelligent, artistic, quick witted and of course very handsome along with my modesty.
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Man heading towards 50 years old. What will be my journey from day after my to 49th Birthday until.. the BIG Five "O". I have no idea what this year will bring? So lets see how it pans out??

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