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    on Jul 8, 2009
    Earth ....... You are the planet's most useful among other planet-planet First when you are still young You meet people with all the advantages you You're more green, more fresh and you're able to protect us with all the advantages you But now me...
  • Global Warming - The Effects on the Tourism Industry
    on Jul 4, 2009
    By Napoleon MilesGlobal warming has an effect on tourism and the economies of many nations. Scientists are forecasting that the Caribbean and its surrounding areas will register a constant increase in temperature. The same can be said about the Medit...
  • Negative Effects of Global Warming
    on Jul 2, 2009
    By Bryan WongThere are many predicted effects for the environment and for human life due to global warming. The main effect centres around an increase in the global average temperature. It's been confirmed by at least 20 scientific societies and acad...
  • The Effects Global Warming May Have On Our Planet
    on Jul 2, 2009
    By Kadence BuchananWhile many realize that global warming is occurring on our planet, few understand the implications that this may have on our way of life. These rising global temperatures are going to cause a host of changes on our planet, and we n...
  • Global Warming a Threat to Mankind?
    on Jun 28, 2009
    By Lance WinslowWe sure here a lot of talk about Global Warming these days, and the amount of PR promoting Global Warming Theory as fact is as alarming as what is being projected and predicted itself. Historically and evolutionary speaking warming pe...
  • Global Warming Prevention - Kyoto Protocol Update
    on Jun 25, 2009
    By Christophe CatessonGlobal warming is something that we all have to take part in learning how to prevent, not only in the USA but throughout the entire world. We all play a part in contributing to global warming and the only way to help prevent the...
  • New Factors in the Global Warming Debate
    on Jun 23, 2009
    By Jacek PopielIn the general public discourse the climate change debate has been, so far, confined almost entirely to the greenhouse gas issue. Our economycarbon footprint utterly dominates all climate change discussions. In actual fact there are se...
  • How Global Warming is Heating Up America and How We Can Keep Ourselves Cool
    on Jun 23, 2009
    By Chuck R StewartGlobal warming is occurring nationwide and the results are being felt by all Americans. Because the ozone layer is thinning due to toxic air pollution produced by humans, we are suffering the consequences of that behavior. Climate c...
  • These Facts Will Help You Understand Global Warming
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Bryan WongAccording to Wikipedia, global warming is "the observed increase in the average temperature of the Earth's near-surface air and oceans in recent decades and its projected continuation."Many observations indicate that global warming has t...
  • Effects Of Global Warming In The Arctic
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Angel AbdulnorThe Arctic and the Antarctic regions play very important roles. How? First, like the human eyes, they are the mirrors to the soul; they are the first to manifest adverse effects like global warming. We witness these changes rather mo...
  • What Are The Causes Of Global Warming
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Bryan WongThe majority of the scientific community believes that global warming is a real threat to the world as we know it today. They believe that global warming mostly results from the emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from...
  • Global Warming - Truth or Tale?
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Lerrina CollinsNo matter where you are, no matter the time of day, no matter the weather, it seems you can find someone talking about it. Recently it was at the grocery store. Two checkers couldn't agree. Global warming? Or not? Still stinging fro...
  • How Can the Average Person Help Stop Global Warming?
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Meg GreenlyMany people who consider themselves to be a responsible world citizen, who want to do what they can to help the environment are finding themselves in a giant quandary in these times.Why?... Because, they want to do their part to help co...
  • How Global Warming Could Cause An Ice Age
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Mike HirnAn Ice Age brought on by global warming was the scenario depicted in the movie THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. While the science on which the movie based has been called into question, there may be some merit in the theory that global warming cou...
  • Global Warming - The Significance of Rising Water Temperatures And Climate Change
    on Jun 20, 2009
    By Mike HirnAn alarm is being raised about global warming causing dramatic rises in the temperature of ocean waters. Scientists are studying warming waters all over the globe to determine the extent of this rise in temperatures.The consequences of gl...
  • Carbon Footprint - How to Reduce it and Help Slow Global Warming
    on Jun 18, 2009
    By Eliza TamNot many people heard the term Carbon Footprint, what it is and what the relation in global warming is is what I will share to you. A carbon footprint is the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by a...
  • Want to Know the Effects of Global Warming?
    on Jun 18, 2009
    By Dewayne BlalockThe effects of global warming are, needless to say, alarming and cause for immediate attention. The effects of global warming are more visible now than it ever has been before. Its apparent visibility makes it impossible to ignore.
  • Global Warming Polls Show it at Number 20 in the Survey of What's Most Important
    on Jun 18, 2009
    By Lance WinslowDuring the election Global Warming was one of the most important concerns. It was always in the top one or two, but now it has slipped to number 20; how is that possible? Don't you find that interesting, I sure do and yes, that surpri...
  • Discover the Secrets to Reduce Global Warming
    on Jun 18, 2009
    By Dewayne BlalockYou might disagree, but hear me out on this. In order to reduce global warming, we need to think globally but act locally. What? The common reaction of most people when it comes to global warming is "what can I do? I am so small and...
  • Global Warming is Caused by Both Man and Nature
    on Jun 18, 2009
    By Cheryl ForbesIt will take all of us to make a significant impact in the world against global warming. The earth is in trouble because of the pollution that we may have caused. It would seem that we are apathetic to the earth's plea for help. Every...