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  • Jesse Prinz on Thinking with Pictures
    on Aug 1, 2016 in Mind
    Do we think in pictures? Many philosophers deny this. Yet Jesse Prinz thinks they're wrong to do so. In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast he explains why. Listen to Jesse Prinz on Thinking with Pictures This episode of...
  • Kieran Setiya on the Midlife Crisis
    on Jul 6, 2016
    We know it's common enough, but can philosophers shed any light on the midlife crisis? MIT philosopher Kieran Setiya thinks he can. Here he discusses middle age with David Edmonds. Listen to Kieran Setiya on the Midlife Crisis Please help...
  • Catherine Wilson on EpicureanismEpicureanism is often caricatured as a philosophy of indulgence. But what did followers of Epicurus really believe and do? Catherine Wilson discusses Epicureanism and its legacy in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to Catherine Wil...
  • Gregg Caruso on Freewill and Punishment
    on Apr 26, 2016
    If all our actions are determined by prior causes, that doesn't seem to leave much scope for punishment. Gregg Caruso discusses this issue with David Edmonds in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Listen to Gregg Caruso on Freewill...
  • Events in London and Oxford
    on Apr 26, 2016
    Events On 19th May at 7.30pm in London Nigel Warburton will be interviewing Andrew Park, creator of the RSAnimate series, and the BBC Radio 4 'History of Ideas' Animations, on the topic of Visual Communication at Second Home in London....
  • 365 Bites Podcast Interviews Arranged by Theme
    on Mar 26, 2016
    365 Bites podcasts arranged by theme updated 5th February 2016 Thanks very much to Seth Adelman for compiling this list Please email Nigel Warburton using the 'email me' button in the sidebar of this weblog if you find any broken...
  • Gregory Currie on the Philosophy of Film
    on Mar 26, 2016 in Aesthetics Film
    For this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Nigel Warburton speaks to Greg Currie about the nature of film, addressing questions about perception and time in relation to the movies. Listen to Greg Currie on the Philosophy of Film...
  • Katherine Morris on Merleau-Ponty on the Body
    on Mar 2, 2016 in Existentialism Phenomenology
    Maurice Merleau-Ponty was one of the most interesting of the French phenomenologists, but his reputation has been eclipsed by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir's. In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Katherine Morris discusses some o...
  • Michael Devitt on Experimental Semantics
    on Feb 14, 2016 in Intuitions Language
    What does the name 'Kurt Gödel' refer to? Most people think it refers to the person who came up with the incompleteness theorem. But does it matter what most people think? Are our intuitions consistent, or even relevant here? Michael...
  • Steven Hyman on Categorising Mental Disorders
    on Jan 29, 2016 in psychiatry
    Are mental disorders like other illnesses? Can they be adequately categorised in relation to a set of symptoms? Steven E. Hyman discusses some philosophical questions that arise from the widely-used DSM-5 with David Edmonds. Listen to Steven Hyman on...
  • Leif Wenar on Trade and TyrannyDoes it matter where our oil and other resources come from? Leif Wenar, author of the recent book Blood Oil, argues that Western democracies are compromising themselves by buying oil either directly or indirectly from tyrants with atrocious records o...
  • News and Events
    on Jan 5, 2016
    Just published: Big Ideas in Social Science (SAGE publishing) edited by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton - this is based on the podcast series Social Science Bites and consists of modified transcripts of 18 interviews with social scientists, includi...
  • Katrin Flikschuh on Philosophy in Africa
    on Dec 21, 2015
    Is there a distinctive African philosophy? Katrin Flikschuh of the LSE discusses philosophy in Africa with Nigel Warburton in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to Katrin Flikschuh on Philosophy in Africa...
  • Carlo Rovelli on Philosophy and Physics
    on Nov 29, 2015 in Physics Science
    Some eminent physicists, including Stephen Hawking, have been sceptical about the value of philosophy to physics. Carlo Rovelli, a theoretical physicist who is author of the bestselling book Seven Brief Lessons on Physics, disagrees. Listen to Carlo...
  • John Worrall on Evidence-Based Medicine
    on Nov 17, 2015 in Medicine Science
    How trustworthy are the experiments on which evidence-based medicine rests? John Worrall of the London School of Economics discusses cause and effect with David Edmonds in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to John Worrall on Eviden...
  • Joshua D. Greene on the Construction of Thought
    on Oct 31, 2015
    We take for granted the fact that we can combine concepts together to give new thoughts that we easily understand. How do we do this? Joshua Greene, who is both a psychologist and a philosopher, explores this question in conversation...
  • Graham Priest on Buddhism and Philosophy
    on Oct 13, 2015 in Buddhism Ethics Metaphysics Self
    In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Graham Priest discusses some key philosophical ideas that emerge from the Buddhist tradition, including questions about the nature of the self, reality, and how we should live. Listen to Graham Priest o...
  • Massimo Pigliucci on the Demarcation Problem
    on Sep 13, 2015 in Science
    How do you tell science from non-science? Karl Popper thought that the falsifiability of a hypothesis was the best indicator. Massimo Pigliucci is not so sure about this. Here he discusses the important issue of demarcation with Nigel Warburton. List...
  • David Owens on Duty
    on Sep 2, 2015 in Ethics
    What is duty? Why do we put ourselves under moral obligations to others? David Owens discusses this phenomenon in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast. Listen to David Owens on Duty...
  • Kimberley Brownlee on Social Deprivation
    on Aug 19, 2015 in Ethics Rights
    We are a highly social species, but what follows from that? Do we have a right to human contact? In this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast Kimberley Brownlee takes on the difficult question of what sort of contact we...