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computers learning Learning about anything what we know about computers such as.. programming,networking,operating system,web,hosting,seo,Blog and maybe tutorial,i hope will enjoy.. with my blog.thanks alot 4 u

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Health and Medical Information ,What You Need to Know About Drugs

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  • Boost for Facebook 10.0.2 can enlarge your image in Facebook
    on Oct 25, 2010 in Facebook
    If you like and enjoy with the social networking “ Facebook “ ,I think you need to install this add ons for browser Firefox. This Script can enlarge your photos in facebook be full size and other faeture like :   -Autopoke and EZPoke o...
  • Level of Repair Harddisk BadSector
    on Oct 1, 2010 in Maintenance
    The hard disk is where the operating system and all computer programs are stored. Due to this, a correctly working drive is important in the operation of any PC. But since these drives are essentially merely an electro-mechanical devices, and like e...
  • Open Facebook by IP ADDRESS
    on Jun 2, 2010 in Tips and tricks NETWORKING Hacking
    Someday we can login our facebook in My ofiice, so i try to do this   Facebook.com utilizes some but not all of the addresses in these ranges. Below are the most common active IP addresses for Facebook.com:  ...
  • Wireless Network Type
    on May 15, 2010 in NETWORKING
    Wireless Network Types 1. Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANS) WLANS allow users in local area, such as in a university or a library to form a network and gain wireless access to the internet. A temporary network can be formed by a small number of...
  • 5 Network Topology
    on May 15, 2010 in NETWORKING
    Computer network topologies can be categorized in the following categories. Hybrid networks are the complex networks, which can be built of two or more above mentioned topologies.   Bus Topology Bus topology uses a common backbone to...
  • Compress and decompress by KGB ARCHIVER
    on May 14, 2010 in Download Software Compression Tool
    KGB Archiver is is the compression tool with unbelievable high compression rate. It surpasses even such efficient compression tool like 7zip and UHARC in terms of the abilities. Unfortunately although its powerful compression rate, it has high hardwa...
  • HJSplit
    on Apr 12, 2010 in Hobbies Utiliti
    did you know about HJSPLIT..?? HJSplit is a file splitter which enables you to split files of any type and size. Does not need to be installed. Just click on hjsplit.exe and the program starts. This program can even handle files which are larger than...
  • watch TV by Internet
    on Apr 12, 2010 in Hobbies
    Satellite TV for PC ™ is the product of more than 7 years of dedicated research and development to create an easy-to-use computer program,that legally accesses thousands of television channels from all over the world and sends them to your computer...
  • No Bootable files in Harddisk
    on Mar 23, 2010 in Tips and tricks Operating System
    Hard disk drive does not have bootable files on it It is possible that command.com or another bootable file may be missing from the hard disk drive. Follow the below steps to possible resolve your issue. Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows ME users 1...
  • Tips Facebook
    on Mar 23, 2010 in Tips and tricks Browser
    Below is a listing of our top 10 tips for the popular social networking website Facebook. Hide users, games, polls, etc. It quickly gets annoying seeing some users posts, game invites, polls, etc. Hovering your mouse to the right of the post and clic...
  • Function F1-F12 on your keyboard
    on Sep 4, 2009 in Tips and tricks
    Function for F1 until F12 on your keyboard   F1 Almost always used as the help key, almost every program will open the help screen when this key is pressed. Windows Key + F1 would open the Microsoft Windows help and support center.
  • Procedure update Bios
    on Sep 4, 2009 in Tips and tricks
    All latest Motherboards today, 486/ Pentium / Pentium Pro etc.,ensure that upgrades are easily obtained by incorporating the system BIOS in a FLASH Memory component. With FLASH BIOS, there is no need to replace an EPROM component. Once downloaded, th...
  • Feature Firefox 3.5.2
    on Aug 31, 2009 in Browser
    Top Features Private Browsing new Surf the Web without leaving a single trace. Password Manager Remember site passwords without ever seeing a pop-up. Awesome Bar improved Find the sites you love in seconds (and without having to remember clun...
  • Remove spyware “vistamessage.exe”
    on Aug 28, 2009 in Virus Spyware Spam
    Vistamessage.exe is a rare kind of spyware/walware. Much information is not available on the Internet about vistamessage. And most spyware/virus scanners do not detect it. However, it is definitely some kind of spyware or malware. If you get infect...
  • Delete Pcsecuritylab.com Hijacker
    on Aug 27, 2009 in Virus Spyware Spam
      Pcsecuritylab.com is a browser hijacker. It may also change desktop wallpaper, shows message: “Warning! SpyWare Threat Detected on Your PC! “ You will also periodically get fake security warning: Your Security and Privacy are...
  • Remove xlavra(trojan)
    on Aug 27, 2009 in Virus Spyware Spam
    remove xlavra (Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent) and Wintools adware WinTools is an adware that adds a toolbar to your browser and generating annoying popups and balloon dialogs. Go to Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and remove th...
  • WaoIndia paid 0.1 dollar per click
    on Aug 2, 2009 in EARNING MONEY
    WAO INDIA, You can collect $ 1 per day from PTC this one ( WAO INDIA). Given the ability to pay is high enough that the $ 0.1-per-click ads that you do and $ 0.05 per click ads that do your refferal.   So, If you are a standard membe...
  • Earn Money by MonsterBux
    on Jul 29, 2009 in BISNIS BLOG
    MonsterBux.com! Monsterbux until now isnot SCAM ,there is many people get paid..i already signed in..Do You ? At MonsterBux.com, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website...
  • Earn Money by MonsterBux
    on Jul 29, 2009 in EARNING MONEY
    MonsterBux.com! Monsterbux until now isnot SCAM ,there is many people get paid..i already signed in..Do You ? At MonsterBux.com, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a...
  • Bypass Blocked Web
    on Jul 17, 2009 in NETWORKING Hacking
    BYpass WEB FILTERING Did you had can access any web when you surfing … Lets pretend for a moment that the Internet is made up of 26 websites, A-Z. The web filter blocks your browser from accessing sites X-Z, but not sites A-W. Simply make the bro...

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