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Bohemian Coffee Club is an online coffee club, a virtual coffee shop, dedicated to the female baby boomer, her passions and career, her fashion and beauty, and her opinions on life itself. It’s an online community made up of other women who are riding the roller coaster of this thing called middle age.

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What is it about things that go bump in the night? Yes, it’s that time of year when Hollywood.. comes out with movies with the sole purpose of scaring the living bejeezus out of us.

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It doesn’t take much to perform little acts of kindness.

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438 Days by Jonathan Foster is a story of survival. Foster does a great job of describing the fear.. and anxiety Alvarenga and his ship mate experience.

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What begins as a simple college assignment turns in to a who-done-it as Joe takes it upon himself to.. learn the truth of what happened.

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Do you find it’s hard to make friends and keep friends as you enter middle age? Did your lifelong.. friends move away and you’ve lost touch with each other?

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Do whatever makes you happy and keep smiling. No one promised life to be fair. your peace within.. yourself.

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Cups of Conversation is a blog about life's second half. We write articles for baby boomers.. that are uplifting, inspirational and about self-renewal

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The kids are gone, the tree is down and it’s January, the New Year!

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Circling the Sun is the story of Beryl Markham’s life through her twenties. The story begins from.. the cockpit of the airplane as she is making her famous journey across the Atlantic.

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