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I'm a Christian (I have a relationship with God through faith in Jesus), and I'm a wife and mom. I'm consistently prolife about all human life of all people, unborn and born.
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This is my most established blogspot and is for general audiences. Topics concern current events,.. religion, politics, relationships and missing persons cases, as well as awareness on social ills.

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Other Tags: Advocacy, Prolife, Awareness, Relationships, Issues

This blog focuses on sanctity of life issues as they relate especially to abortion. I have four.. prolife petitions and this blog focuses on topics surrounding them.

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Other Tags: ProlifeAdvocacy, ProlifeBlogs, ProlifeMovements, AntiabortionMovements

This blog is dedicated to making a case for saving moms and babies from abortion. It does this.. through education about abortion, abortion-related issues, and alternatives to abortion. I have.. created petitions that you are encouraged to support.

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Other Tags: Babies, Women, Abortion, Pro-Life, Reproductive Health

This is a blog is about the sanctity of all human life from conception to natural death. It focuses.. on abortion but isn't limited to it. I host a giveaway here, and include the option to share.. your stories.

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Other Tags: Christianity, Pro-Life, Babies, Women, Religion

This is a Christ-centerered blog but anyone is welcome. Any topic is covered, but always as it.. relates to God, Christians, the Christian worldview, and the Church.

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Other Tags: God, Jesus, Christianity, Prolife, Relationships

This blog is revamped from an earlier blog, and is intended to cover a variety of topics from a.. prolife perspective. I esouse a consistent life worldview about all human life--unborn and born.

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Other Tags: Prolife, Sanctity of Life, Relationships, Issues, Christianity

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