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I started my natural hai journey October 2015. I began blogging to help me be more accountable and track my progress. I love doing product reviews on natural hair and body products. Besides that I love makeup and cooking and being a mom.

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Natural hair journey and natural hair/body care reviews. Also makeup reviews and DIY projects.

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Other Tags: Natural hair, Haircare, Natural hair journey, Product reviews, Health and beauty

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  • Curls & Potions
    on Apr 23, 2016
         This weeks review is on another company I found on Instagram called "Curls & Potions." Curls & Potions is a cruelty free natural hair care line that offers a selection of products to suit your hair care needs. I received t...
  • Nunaat Beauty
    on Apr 12, 2016
       Today's review is on Nunaat Beauty's Naatcream Instant Hydaration Deep Conditioner in "Goat Milk and Brazil Nut." I was sent their 35.2 oz jar which provides 50+ applications for $10.49. This conditioner claims to give instant hair hydra...
  • SereNiti Bath Body And You
    on Apr 3, 2016
    Hi! This weeks review is going to be on some wonderful Bath and Body Products by "SereNiti Bath Body And You." I have been testing out these products for a little over two weeks and I am ready to give my review.   The first product I am goi...
  • Queen's Temple Handmade Artisan Soaps Part #2
    on Mar 20, 2016
       Hi everyone! So as promised I am back with part #2 of of the products I reviewed from my previous entry. This part will focus on Queen's Temple hair products. I wanted to do it in two seperate posts because I didn't want the first review...
  • Queen's Temple Handmade Artisan Soaps Part #1
    on Mar 13, 2016
       Hi! Sorry it's been a while, between work and my kids constantly getting sick I have been M.I.A. But luckily we are on Spring break so I can get caught up on some reviews.   So this week I will be telling you about some bath, b...
  • Creme Of Nature Argan Oil Collection
    on Feb 22, 2016
       Hi everyone! This weeks product review is on Creme Of Nature's Natural Argan Oil line. I actually won these products from a giveaway held on Creme Of Nature's Facebook page a while ago. I really wanted to try these products out for a lon...
  • Lotus By Alesia
    on Feb 8, 2016
       Hi Everyone! Yes I'm back so soon because I couldn't wait to do my next product review. I had the pleasure of trying out and reviewing some products for my wash-day by Lotus By Alesia. I was sent the Hydrating Mango & Hemp Shampoo, H...
  • A Perfect 10
    on Feb 6, 2016
       Hi everyone! Sorry I have been gone for a while. I have had a really busy last couple of weeks. It started with my youngest son's 3rd Birthday, then my 33rd Birthday and next my oldest son's 12th Birthday. And somewhere in between all of...
  • Giveaway Winner!!!
    on Jan 16, 2016
       First of all I would like to thank everyone who participated in my giveaway. I like to help out others and share some of the products I love and use. I really enjoy doing this so please don't be upset if you weren't the winner this time.
  • 5 Month's Natural/Hair Growth Products
    on Jan 10, 2016
       Hi Everyone! I can't believe I have been natural for almost half a year. Yes, I did Big Chop October 3, 2015 but I have been growing my hair natural since August 2015. As I had mentioned previously I wanted to grow my hair back out from...
  • DIY Honey Face Wash/Scrub
    on Jan 3, 2016
       This week I wanted to do a little DIY project. I will show you how to make a face wash and scrub that's good for your skin and easy to make. You probably have all the ingredients in your home already. A couple months ago I did a review o...
  • Love, Aunt Bonnie
    on Dec 30, 2015
         Today's review isn't necessarily about the products but about where I got them from. While searching Instagram for new products to try I came across "Love, Aunt Bonnie." Love, Aunt Bonnie features multicultural owned brands from a...
  • Color Kill Makeup
    on Dec 28, 2015
       This weeks review is on a super cool Indie lipstick company with the cutest packaging. Color Kill Makeup was so kind to send me their entire line of their Mega Matte Liquid Lipsticks to review. This line consists of seven beautiful shade...
  • Cande Curls New Year's Giveaway!!
    on Dec 24, 2015
       I'm so happy to announce my very first official Giveaway! I have been wanting to do this for a while now so I have been saving things here and there. I was also waiting for some things to be delivered as well. Everything here will be giv...
  • Eden BodyWorks
    on Dec 21, 2015
       This weeks product review is on the Coconut Shea natural hair product line by Eden BodyWorks. I won these products from a giveaway posted on Instagram a couple weeks ago and received the whole Cococnut Shea line. This week I will be revi...
  • Alikay Naturals
    on Dec 15, 2015
       This weeks product review is on Alikay Naturals natural hair care line. I have been watching this company on Instagram for a while and have been wanting to try their products. I knew it was time to make my move when they had 40% off for...
  • Kye Organic Teahouse
    on Dec 12, 2015
       This week's review couldn't have came at a more better time. The kids and I have been sick with Strep Throat all week. So I was super excited to receive a lovely assortment of tea's from Kye's Organic Teahouse to sip on and soothe my ach...
  • Shea Butter Licious
    on Dec 5, 2015
       Hi! Thanks for coming back for another sweet review! I received some lovely hair and body products from a company by the name of Shea Butter Licious. I have had these products for a little over a week and have been reviewing them. This c...
  • Curl Girl Hair
    on Nov 29, 2015
       Welcome back to "Cande Curls!" This week I had the privilege to do a product review on products from Curl Girl Hair. These products are catered to wavy, curly and coily hair types. Some key ingredients this line contains are Shea Bu...
  • Mane Junkie Collection
    on Nov 22, 2015
    *Update: So I went ahead and did a mid week washday to give the Hair Milk Leave-In a second chance. Although I excperienced the same thing as the first time with the products taking long to absorb, I do think it is a pretty good leave-in. I would jus...

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