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  • Dream
    on Oct 4, 2013
    Awaken to Life. The Longest Shadow Fading -- Your Dream is Alive.   Leum © October 2013...
  • How You Can Get Into Great Shape While Doing Gym Workout Routine?
    on Sep 21, 2013
    Being physically fit is the common goal of a lot of people, especially those facing the consequences of having unwanted weight. There are many different workout programs available, but it is important to choose the right one for the best re...
  • The People’s Republic of Apps: How People Became App-Reliant
    on Sep 6, 2013
    Mobile applications have dominated the interfaces of almost all handheld devices currently available on the market. The definition of a useful phone is not merely measured by its ability to make calls and to send simple text messages. A useful phone...
  • Places to Rest
    on Aug 15, 2013
    Courtesy of ZubroAnna finished her tea and went to her vanity to finish tidying herself for work.  The mirror was cracked down the middle.  A casualty of the last bombing a few blocks away, it splintered right down the center, causing an im...
  • 50th Anniversary of MLK Speech through Toni Morrison's Beloved
    on Aug 14, 2013
    As we come upon the 50th anniversary of the famous march on Washington and speech by Martin Luther King Jr. on August 28th at the National Mall, it is an excellent time to reflect on the objectives and goals it set for the nation. We live with our o...
  • Reading: What Is It Good For
    on Aug 12, 2013
    Why do we read? What are we searching for when we pick up a book?   We almost inherently accept that reading is good. It is good for the psychological and mental development of a person. We force the belief on our children in the forms of...
  • The Ice Palace by Tarjei Vesaas
    on Aug 8, 2013
    Do you remember the first spark of attraction when you were a eleven; the innocent and unexplainable feeling imbuing your whole person with electricity and utter confusion? The Norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas’s 1963 coming of age novel The Ice P...
  • If You Reach at this Table
    on Aug 4, 2013
     “If you reach at this table you will get your hand smacked.”   Patience  – not the rising of the sun or a full moon perched can your hand make.   So much for grace, sweat and fear; so much for prayer,...
  • Justin Timberlake’s New Hit “Mirrors”
    on Aug 4, 2013
    Justin Timberlake’s hits are always getting the attention of many. From his first debut solo single until the latest, they never fail to capture the hearts of his fans. His latest hit “Mirrors” is no exception. January 2013, &...
  • The Fall to Disgrace: Another Embarrassing Year in Sports
    on Aug 2, 2013
    Every year at this time, the heat gets to me. August comes and I have usually had it with sports and their players. This year is no different. Maybe it is because I was born a Phillies fan, and for the majority of my existence we have been subjected...
  • All Beef Patties and a Livable Wage
    on Aug 1, 2013
    Would you pay a little more for a livable wage? In a recent Forbes article, “How Much Would a Big Mac Cost if McDonald’s Workers Were Paid $15 Per Hour”, addresses how much hunger has to do with our greed or altruism. The Big Mac wo...
  • Real Life Superheroes
    on Jul 22, 2013
    Do superheroes really exist? If you consider any costumed, self-appointed crime fighter a superhero then yes, they do. These dressed-up, real-life vigilantes "fight crime" all over the United States. Some of them break up fights, some of them help th...
  • Afternoon Snow
    on Jul 19, 2013
    The snow falls on a cold ground making the world white.   I carry scolding coffee to your hand watching flakes fall.   The burn lingers on my skin as the dog jumps at the window.   Our world reinvented. My daughter tries...
  • The End of Civil Society: PA’s Stand Your Ground laws
    on Jul 18, 2013
    Now that Trayvon Martin case has settled, I wanted to take an objective look at the Stand Your Ground law in Florida and see if it exists in Pennsylvania. The answer is yes. Stand Your Ground has been a law in this state since Governor Corbett signed...
  • The Worst Article of All Time About the Phillies
    on Jul 16, 2013
    Are the Phillies killing you? Well if you are like me, each year, except for two, a little more of my life force is squeezed out because of lethargic play, missed opportunities, and seats right in the middle of sun. According to Tom Avril, a Philadel...
  • The Chain
    on Jul 12, 2013
    What is it to us if the chain hangs on the locked knob?   What is it to us if he died peacefully or suffered for weeks on end?    What is it to us if he ever ran in the sunlit grass or filled his belly on ham ends?   W...
  • To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf
    on Jul 11, 2013
    Texas is the battleground for reproductive control of America. You cannot pass one day without its moral and medical implications pressing down on our digital and newspaper feeds. This battle is placing women in the front resulting in a poem from an...
  • You Can’t Handle the Leisure: America’s Shorter Workweek Ahead
    on Jul 10, 2013
    Could you handle a 30-hour workweek? Perhaps the best way to frame this question is “Will you be able to handle 72 straight hours of nothing time?” America has always been obsessed with work and occupation. When I meet new people, the fir...
  • When Things Fall Apart: The Nigerian School Massacres
    on Jul 9, 2013
    We had Columbine and Sandy Hook. Americans are familiar with school shootings by mentally disturbed adults and children. Similar stories are found in every country from India to Norway, but there is something even more disturbing in the recent and fr...
  • Google Eyeing the Future of Privacy
    on Jul 8, 2013
    “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” Dorothy Parker Technology is getting to the point when you will have no idea you are on camera. The long anticipated  Google Glass is on display today in this trending video. The v...