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    Residing in a rather elegant position at the center of the sun-kissed Alentejo province of Poretugal, there is Evora which happens to be one of the most enchanting as well as oldest cities. It came into prominence under the rule of the Romans. This t...
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    Being appreciated and applauded as one of the most scenic and stunning cities in the world. However, this city is also replete with kids’ tourist sites and many sites of outdoor adventure. So if you are planning a family vacation in Sydney with...
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    Regensburg is located almost in the northern corner at the course of Danube, where it connects with River Regen and is passable to Black Sea. Back in history this was a vital cultural and trade spot, however today medieval landscape of Regensburg is...
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    The countryside of Auvergne is known for its scenic beauty and makes up for a great relaxing vacation spot. Even though this place is popular as a French vacation zone, the tourism of this place isn’t that developed at it is expected to be. Thi...
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    The busy and the vibrant town of Oban are located at a covered bay in Kerrera Island, which is 49 miles towards the south of Fort William. Right from the Victorian times this town have been said to be one of the most prominent resorts of Scotland and...
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    on Dec 3, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    The quaint Melk town is situated at the junction, where River Danube meets Wachau Valley and is one of the best scenic places that you can explore. This place is popular for the huge Benedictine Abbey, which is a wonderful monastic abode in Austria.
  • Best Tourist Sites in Esbjerg
    on Nov 30, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    Known as the 5th largest town in Denmark, Esbjerg is located all across the western coast of the Jutland, which is the country’s mainland peninsula and happens to be opposite the northern tilt of Fano Island. This is said to be the most crucial...
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    Untamed natural beauty and quaint ancient towns is what makes Lorraine a wonderful tourist destination to explore! Nancy being its old capital, this city is situated on east France and is encompassed by Moselle and Meuse valleys and is tossed between...
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    Leyden or Leiden, the English University town is known to be one of the ancient and scenic places in Netherlands. This land is located in an expansive flowering growing region and its produce gets marketed in the town as well as the nearby areas. In...
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    Located beneath the northern corner of Alps, Lake Constance happens to be the biggest lake in Germany. In addition to that this lake is fringed by Switzerland and Austria and it provides a scenic beauty along with its stunning stretch of water that s...
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    As one of the main European cultural destinations and the capital city of Germany, Berlin proudly boasts the best art galleries and museums that travelers can ask for in one single visit. The city is vibrant and throbbing with life and opens up its b...
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    Simply put, Segovia is a place of romance and offers the visitors with a rather stunning setting. Nestled atop a craggy hill top, this walled town that is popular for its stunning views and the amazing monuments. Here the magnificent cathedral, fairy...
  • Best Four Tourist Attractions to Explore in Toledo
    on Nov 8, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    Want to explore the heart and soul of Spain? Be sure to explore Toledo a monumental historic city as well as an attractive UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the back of the overwhelming medieval walls, inside a maze of the intertwining pedestrian street...
  • Explore Rome with Your Kids
    on Nov 5, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    Traveling with your kids can be both a challenging and exciting experience, especially in a place like Rome! However, if you know how to plan your vacation you can have a smooth tour and explore some of the best places. Often people are of the opinio...
  • Top Three Day Tours from Washington DC
    on Nov 4, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    Washington DC is replete with history and offers some of the most stunning places to visit as a part of your day tour. Here the colonial towns of Annapolis as well as Williamsburg depict the tale of the birth of the nation. On the other hand Gettysbu...
  • Best Places to Explore in Trondheim
    on Nov 1, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    Being the third largest city in Norway, Trondheim is one of the oldest cities that you can explore. Initially, discovered as a trading post by Vikings back in 997 AD this place has the distinction of having Norway’s capital back till 1217. Crea...
  • Top 5 Tourist Sites in Leece
    on Oct 29, 2016 in Leisure Tour
    Just in case Leece, which is the provincial capital wouldn’t have its remote location on the heel of Italian boot, then its amazing form of Baroque architecture would make it one of the frequently visited cities in Italy! However, the architect...